The importance of keeping a balance between social and academic activities

Social factors greatly influence the academic performance of students. When one is studying, there are constant pressures from all around the academic environment. These include academic related pressures like assignment deadlines, project milestones, quizzes, tests, etc. as well as social pressures which include friendships, sports or other recreational activities. Even though social activities serve as a good means of taking some pressure out of a student’s busy study routine, but this does not mean that they should be the main focus and take up most of the student’s time and energy. In order for students to maintain good academic performance it is extremely important to strike the right balance between studies and other social activities because without this the main purpose of studying would not be achieved and instead the students’ mind and body would be engaged in activities that cause distraction and derail them from achieving their academic goals.

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Let us take a look at the main social factors that can have a direct impact on a student’s academic life and performance.

Social Environment

The environment in which the student is immersed plays an important role in shaping the overall focus he or she maintains during academic life. The kind of atmosphere a particular university provides for its students determines to a great extent the approach they also adopt, for example a strict academic environment would force students to direct all their attention to studies as opposed to extracurricular activities and vice versa.


Student life is not the easiest time since during this time period a lot of new relationships are formed and broken also. Hence the emotional stress that a student has to go through can inversely affect his or her studies. Relationships involve emotions and when one is in a balanced emotional state, then the output produced is also positive, however, if the case is opposite, then a negative output is the result which can adversely affect a student’s academic performance.

Social Organizations

Another very common social distraction for students are the various clubs and organizations that they can join during academic life. Although such activities provide good exposure and learning for the students, again the trick is to maintain a balance, otherwise too much social activity would leave no room and time for studies, which is the main purpose of the student being there in the university or college in the first place.

Sports Activities

Many students take great interest in sports activities. These are one of the healthiest co-curricular activities and students should be encouraged to take them up since they provide just the right kind of stress relief from the daily study routine.

The key to good academic performance is striking the right balance between academic and social activities because where on the one hand social activities act as a good outlet to vent out study related pressure, students must not indulge in them to such an extent that they lose focus and end up getting bad grades. Our Company deals with student related issues with regards to their academic and non academic activities and provides the right counseling do my assignments services for students who have issues in maintaining a balance between their various activities.

Author Bio: Melody Wilson is a senior counselor at Get Homework Online. She has a Master’s degree in Education and has been associated with a number of educational institutions for the past ten years. Her main focus is providing study and career related advice to students and she is also actively involved in dealing with any issues students might have during their academic life.

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