Trail through the Best of Sai’s Abode in Shirdi

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Hindu devotees visit Shirdi before every single auspicious event in their life, as well as for immersing the ashes of their friends and family after their death. Shirdi’s relationship with Sai Baba makes it to a great degree a well known Hindu pilgrim destination for enthusiasts from across the globe. But Shirdi, apart from Sai Baba, is also home to numerous other temples and attractions, which are overshadowed by Sai Baba’s fame and reverence. Let’s explore the lesser known attractions of Shirdi.

For the upcoming weekend, book a Pune to Shirdi taxi, or grab your companions and head to the divine abode of Sai, Shirdi. Not only can you get your share of blessings from Sai Baba’s sanctuary, but also tour around the city’s lesser known, quaint attractions which can be intriguing.

1. Shani Shingnapur

The sanctuary of Shani Shingnapur is well known for being devoted to Hindu god Saturn. An interesting custom of not bolting the doors of their homes took after by local people; has additionally made it a well known tourist destination. The villagers believe that the sanctuary is a ‘jagrit devasthan’ which implies that this temple is alive and god protects the sanctuary and the encompassing area. It is believed that god punishes anyone who endeavors to steal. So intense is the fear of God Saturn that despite having no locks to the doors of the houses, there are no reports of robberies in the town till yet.

2. Chavadi

Chavadi is located near Dwarkamai Mosque. During the days when Sai Baba was living in the mosque, he went to the chavadi along with his closest adherents on each alternative night to rest. Nowadays, the visit to chavadi on each alternative night is facilitated with palki processions with enormous horde of devotees carrying the idol of Sai Baba. Palki is designed with delightful flowers. The idol of Sai Baba is put inside the palki. The procession takes place every Thursday.

3. Dwarkamai Masjid

Dwarkamai Masjid served as the spot where Sai Baba stayed for a period of 60 years. Close to the mosque, the Shila (Stone), on which Sai Baba used to sit, is located. In the mosque, a Sacred Fire (Dhuni) lit by Sai Baba, dependably continues smoldering. During his lifetime, Sai Baba used to give its Sacred Udi (Ash) to the devotees with the conviction that it will cure them of sufferings of any sort.

3. Dixit Wada Museum

Dixit Wada Museum is situated inside the Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust complex and it is one of the best places to visit around Shirdi. It displays baba’s leather slippers, long robes and a smoking pipe. Apart from this, the historical center likewise showcases water tumblers, gramophone records, bathing stone and cooking utensils. Kafni (the long robes), leather slippers (footwear) and his smoking funnel, gramophone records, water tumblers, cooking utensils and bathing stone in plain view were all utilized by Sai Baba during his lifetime.

4. Lendi Baug

Lendi Baug is a delightful garden that is located at Shirdi-Manmad State Highway. It is the spot where Sai Baba used to go regularly in the morning and evening for watering the plants. The immense Neem tree inside the garden premises gave shade and rest to Sai Baba during his lifetime. Along the tree, there is a marble ‘Deepgraha’, which was lit by Baba in a little pit. In a glass confine this Deepgraha, keeps on burning from dusk till dawn even till today. Different attractions of Lendi Baug are a samadhi of Sai Baba’s horse named Datta Mandir, and a well, which is known as ‘Baba’sas ‘Baba’s Shivdi’.

So the next time you visit Shirdi, do visit the aforementioned spots for these will show you the how influenced is Shirdi by Sai Baba and his blessings. Have a great trip!


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