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Business Apps
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There are a myriad of new business apps that you could be taking advantage of as a business owner and even as an employee. Of course you do not need all of these business apps, and even if you did have them all you probably wouldn’t use them all, you would probably even forget which ones you have and which ones can be used for different aspects of your business. Instead of talking about all business apps we are just going to go over a few handy/useful business apps you might find interesting and handy within your own business.

Business Apps You won’t want to live without:


If you are like most business owners, you go to Trade shows and other events where you collect a wide range/variety of business cards, this information may be very useful to you in the future which means you need to be able to download and access that information quickly. CadMunch is a free app that allows you to take a picture of a business card and turn those business cards into LinkedIn Connections


Evernote is an app that helps you stay organized with all your mobile/non-mobile devices. You can use this app to store notes, lists, ideas, photos, and even voice reminders. Data usage can be increased by paying a monthly fee.


BillMinder is a bill reminder/organizer which is great for organizing and keeping track of recurring expenses, which most businesses have. This app can even give you recommendations on how and where you can save money.


This is a presentation app for a mobile device and it is extremely powerful. Great for if you need to give a presentation on the go.

Analytics HD

Analytics HD is the app for Google Analytics, it provides reports and charts to help you keep track of your website analytics.


Skype with your fellow business owners, employees, customers, contacts, and clients using the Skype app which allows you to see and talk to people.


Dropbox allows you to automatically sync your files as you edit them. This app also gives you 2GB of storage for free. You can pay for more space with a Pro account.

Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix uses proven time management methods to help you create convenient and powerful “to do lists.” To do lists are great for keeping yourself on task. So the Priority Matrix is perfect for busy people in business.


No printing is not a business app but it is a service that you need if you are in business and are even a little bit successful. Everyone needs to print things out, and if you are a business owner than you have probably come across the need for a professional printing job every now and then. Printing companies in Avon are a good place to start when you are looking for what kind of quality you should expect. Professionalism and quality printing jobs, sometimes you need your sign to say more than “I made this with markers in my office.”

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