What we All need today is a Better ‘AI Marketing’ in 2020-2025

The next five years are expected to drive the trillion dollar economy in AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics. Already billions invested into the industry, there are barely any doubts on why AI can’t become the next ‘center of universe’ for all businesses, irrespective of their size, scale and age. But, can you market AI like any product, say a car, radio, or pen, or may be a robot! Well, it depends on the full understanding of your AI product, skills and the things AI/ML can do even when your business is no longer innovating new products.

That may sound strange to listen, and then answer! Isn’t it?

But, that’s exactly what will happen in 2030. AI will be a product commonly available to everyone on the planet. So common, that it will displace SIM cards used in the phone, data towers that you see on the top of roofs, your TV in the living room, and may be even doctors and surgeons that perform surgeries in the hospitals.

Why Market AI and it Capabilities?

The trends speculate automatization of technology could spell doom for many traditional businesses in the digital space. TV and Radio could go out first, even as Connected TV, OOH, and Live streaming with powerful advertising analytics come to the picture.

Without any doubts, Programmatic Advertising and AI could make the world of advertising more relevant to audience targeting, delivering only contextual content and ads to consumers. But, is that idea marketed well within AI customer base?

Not quite. For 50% of the analytics providers, AI is a make or break situation. Competition would favor the companies that can place abundant big data analytics in their advertising stacks. Without data, no AI will stay.

That’s why the advertising technology providers need to work closely with AI as a Service (AIaaS) platforms or build their own proprietary Machine Learning algorithms for their specific needs. Machine Learning India courses online could bridge this gap between ‘manufacturing’ AI and making it market friendly.

AI Ethics and Democratization of Data

Machine Learning India courses can solve a big challenge in how non-technical professionals see AI and its marketable value. Just as any marketing objective changes and evolve with time, marketing tactics for AI need to evolve too. No longer can these high-end advanced technologies be sold to only companies that have deep pockets to dig into. AI as a general tool and technology should be available to all – irrespective of their technical expertise, economic condition or location. If you have the idea to empower AI for your improving your lives and use it harmlessly, AI should be for your consumption, day in and day out.

On the flip side, AI for military and AI against terrorism should be promoted with AI guidelines and ethics. There needs to be a stringent Data Governance and AI Protection Squads to ensure these ideas are not exploited to pursue dangerous activities against humanism, space, or entire Universe in general.

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