All about BMM- Bachelor of Mass Media

BMM is a short form of Bachelor of Mass Media. This course is after 12th standard so you all are right the main forte of mass media is related to journalism only. But it also embraces advertising and communication.

BMM is an undergraduate course, which is completed in a period of three years. This course lends a hand to student to understand assorted facets allied to journalism, advertising and communication. This also helps the apprentice to build a career in mass communication field. Mass communication is very wider field, embraces with so many different studies and courses, such as advertising, public relation, event management, production field and so many.

All about BMM- Bachelor of Mass MediaThere are so many individuals present who believe media or mass communication is only about journalists and reporting person. I myself a Mass communication student, and that’s why I am writing about the same eventually to make people aware about this widen field.

The most familiar or say common mass communication media existing in our country now-a-days are television, newspaper, radio, magazines etc. BMM course provide adequate knowledge and understanding to the apprentices to convey their ideas and thoughts among masses or people in the most clear and simple way. This also helps the students to strengthen their required skills such as research aptitude, communication, verbal and appearance or presentation skills.

Plus or Pro of Bachelor of Mass Media Course

The bachelor rank course permits an apprentice to have higher studies in field of mass communication or mass media. It is a professional course and mull over as highly reputable course. The prominent jobs bestow good salary packages and high fame to hardworking and meticulous professionals. This also gives a chance to intermingle and make good professional contacts with many famous personalities working in different walks of life. In fact, if you are good in your work then it will make you a known and famous personality.

 Bachelor of Mass Media

Eligibility obligatory for Bachelor of Mass Media Course

Any student who had passed their twelfth class studies from any of the reputable and recognized boards is qualified and suitable for BMM studies. They should obtain minimum 50% marks in their exams. The subjects chosen for study are not a constraint for practicing the same. Student from any stream Commerce, Science or Arts everyone is eligible to go through this course. It is one of the advantages for those students who had not decided career till 12th.

Application Process for BMM

All those students who have the required qualification can apply for this course at the time of notification. Selection to the course is mostly done on the criterion of entrance test. Different colleges have different entrance pattern. All the entrance process is mainly depends on the norms and rules of different universities. The detailing regarding the admission process mainly mentions in websites of colleges or you could find it on advertisement page. At the time of receiving the application form, the apprentice will receive an information booklet, which embraces details on filling the application.

You can submit the application through the official website of the college. Else, every single detail would be given in the brochure.

Now-a-days many colleges are giving you advantage to apply online for courses; you can even apply online for university also. The suppleness and convenience help out many students in easing the admission process. If you are looking for any such platform then findmycampus is a place from where you can choose the college and course and get the admission easily.

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