5 Ideas That Cannot Be Proven By Science

There are ideologies and occurrences that exist all around us but can never be explained by science, science is known to be the ultimate way of explaining the occurrence of an object or idea through facts and factual events. However, the following ideas are yet to receive any scientific explanations to their occurrence or existence:

1. Does God Really Exist

This is without a doubt one of the most controversial thoughts when it comes to Ideas that cannot be proven by science. The argument of whether God really exists has taken centre stage since time in memorial and the only explanations have been based on perceptions and beliefs that hold no water. Different cultures and religions have all tried to push forward the thought of existence of a supreme being but none is yet to offer a fact or factual explanation on God’s existence. Scientific prove of God’s existence will undoubtedly bring to a close one of the most intriguing topics.

2. Origin of Human Beings

Science has tried to explain the origin of the human being through different scientific explanations but none of the theories forwarded have been able to stand the test of time. All the theories put forward have been proven to be unreliable and full of errors thus making the theories unreliable. The main theory for origin of humanity was put forward by Charles Darwin in his book “the origin of species” but Darwin in his later days discarded the thought. The complexity of the origin of mankind is further watered down by the religious and cultural beliefs which over the years have always faulted science even though the cultural and religious ideologies suffer from the similar setbacks.
3. Origin of the Universe

Different theories attempt to explain how the universe came up with the Big Bang theory being the most prolific, however, the theory is surrounded with so much controversy with every aspect that tries to explain the creation of the universe suffering from errors. There is no tangible and reliable scientific explanation that has any bearing on if the universe was created or it just happened and if created who did it. The age of the earth in itself is a bone of contention with no accurate date to explain the exact age.

4. Is There Life after Death

This question if answered scientifically will probably change the path of humanity; no scientific explanation has even come close to explaining where dead people go to. The only theories that attempt to answer this are traditional beliefs and religious explanations which offer a myriad of explanations suggesting what happens after death but none of the theories has any proof of the ideologies.

5. How Colossal Is the Universe and is Their Life beyond Earth

The question on whether there are other life forms beyond earth has existed since time in memorial and continues to draw mixed reactions. Without any scientific proof and only unreliable information on sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFO’s), the question on how large the universe is and also existence of other civilization still remains one of the Ideas that cannot be proven by science.


This article was written by William Dowing who is a student of philosophy. When he is not studying, he is carrying out his research on the interplay of science and nature.

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