GPS At Work

GPS at work
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What is GPS Tracking?

GPS tracking is a system of surveillance that more simply put, is vehicle tracking. This popular and efficient method of investigation uses satellite technology to provide information on the location of a designated and assigned vehicle. After a small tracking device has been attached to the underneath of a vehicle, we are able to monitor where and when it travels, at what speeds and whether or not there are any stops on the journey and where these are and their duration. Vehicle tracking is a great way to obtain an instant result that you can see and understand.

Here a few examples of people that have felt the benefit of GPS tracking service and who, as a result of the investigation, were able to improve their lives at work.

Taking the Long Way Round?

A private detective was approached by a well-respected local employer with in the community who had concerns that one of his long standing and trusted employees was deceiving him. The client was often required to send the individual to various destinations all over the country for a variety of training sessions and business related courses and had always sent him as a friend and valued employee. Recently, however, he had overheard some comments in passing the other staff that had led him to have doubts over the trustworthiness of this individual. Rumours around the office suggested that the target had been using the time allocated to these business trips to visit friend s and relations and has been claiming the travel costs back from the company.

After consulting with the client the detective decided that the best course of action would be to install a device on the target’s vehicle that would allow us to monitor his travel. A small tracking device was attached to the underneath of the individual’s vehicle the day before he was due to depart on one of these trips and then all that was left to be done was to wait for the journey to begin. As the rumours had suggested, the target travelled to each of his three children’s homes before heading onto the intended location, adding an extra 300 miles on to the trip in total. With the evidence of this presented to the man the detective waited to see how many miles the target would claim back for his travel. Sure enough the result showed him to be lying to the company and appropriate action was taken against him.

An Important Package

A slightly different concern for a company was a valuable commodity that would soon have to make a journey of its own. On this occasion, an individual was responsible for ensuring the safe delivery of a very important package that was destined for the other end of the country. Normally, this would mean that he would have travelled with the parcel himself to ensure its safe arrival however, this time an important business event was happening at the same time the package was due that he was required to attend.

In the hopes of solving his dilemma, the businessman contacted a private detective who decided that the best course of action would be to install a tracking device on the vehicle that would be making the delivery on the day of its transportation. This device would be able to inform the client of its whereabouts at all times. The businessman agreed with this suggestion and so the investigation began. From the business event that the client had to attend he was able to monitor at all times the whereabouts of the important package and was reassured of its safe delivery in good time.


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