Vigorous Sensors and high Camera will be integrated in Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9
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If you decide that the more inclusive ways to identify, the better, that is bad news. The smartphone can be unlocked with the help of the photo of the owner if the recognition function of facial features enabled. I must say that this is not so simple: in most cases, the system refuses to respond to a snapshot, but a few times to remove the block using a photo still managed but the upcoming Galaxy S9 will not face any kinds of faults in it as written above.

It is so much interesting to see what the new features, The Galaxy S9 provide, will be, next year. It is worth noting that the Galaxy S8 fairly quickly detects facial features and reads the retina of the owner, it takes a fraction of a second in the device. When unlocking this by identifying the iris of the eye is perhaps the most ineffectual option. To make it work, you must place the phone at a distance of about 25 cm away from yourself and “fall” in the particular stencils-circles. All this takes the time to perform an action; you have to wait. In the case of Galaxy S9, the user will be able to unlock its phone just by a smaller distance than 25cm in fewer seconds.

The advantage of the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ is its main camera of 12 megapixels with optical stabilisation, and DualPixel-developed technology allows you to click impressive pictures. Especially strongly manifested its advantages when you need to take a picture in low light conditions or to capture an object in front of the light source. The cool photos of the night city, a variety of lanterns and garlands are clicked perfect, that just have to taste connoisseurs. Also, manufacturers have built, in the camera application, very nice filters. Similarly, upcoming Galaxy S9 will hold the same filters as already provided in S8 in addition to some other new filters with the 16MP lens dual camera and 8MP HD front camera which gives good selfies. It can make the user even more beautiful: even out skin tone, “zoom” the eye, “narrow” the face and even adjust the shape. So it is enough to choose from hundreds of pictures taken one, treat it right into the camera app – and you can upload to the Web.

Among the disadvantages of the smartphone like to mention that just one day he could use once a long time to hang during video playback. Least of all of the new machine is waiting for that one day find yourself alone with a brick, do not respond to touch. Will this problem is solved with the following software updates, or, on the contrary, the situation only worse – is unknown.

Summarising, we can say that the phone Galaxy S8, S8+ Galaxy S9 may well be to the taste of female users: it is beautiful, comfortable and has all the basic functions of the flagship smartphone. In this practical, some people will still buy the Galaxy S8 version since S8 Plus is perhaps too large and “slide,” which is why there is a risk to drop an expensive gadget. Galaxy S9 would be definitely preferred by customers once it gets launched because of its stunning camera quality.

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