4 Suggestions On Properly Wearing Pinstripe Clothing

There is something classy and timeless about pinstripe suits and clothing. Between the 1920s and 1940s, a lot of men wore pinstripe suits with either a Trilby hat, bowler hat or fedora hat. These suits were especially popular among musicians, businessmen and a few actors during those decades. Such suits are British in origin.

In the late 20th century more women started wearing pinstripe suits due to the rise in the number of women entering the corporate world, politics, law and academia. However, today, keeping up with fashion trends is a task and many people still simply wear what they feel most comfortable with.

If you are looking to wear something of pinstripe clothing, consider these following 4 suggestions.

Black Pinstripe Suits

Black pinstripe suits are best worn at social functions rather than at work, since your work clothes are supposed to be conservative. It is not fashionable to wear a striped or polka dot shirt with the pinstripe suit as it makes the outfit look tacky and cluttered. Instead, you should wear a solid-colored shirt with the suit. Cuff links look excellent with black pinstripe suits.

Footwear and Pinstripes

A pinstripe suit is meant to look sophisticated so you should only wear black dress shoes with the suit and don’t wear thick white socks when wearing a pinstripe suit. You should wear thin dress socks and your shoes should also be polished and free of scuff marks.

What about Pinstripe Clothing in Other Colors? 

The traditional way to wear pinstripe suits is with solid but subtle colors. Wearing pinstripe clothing in other colors is fine as long as the color isn’t loud as it takes away from the classy look. Bold pinstripes can make a different statement when worn.

Choosing the Best Women’s Pinstripe Suit 

The best women’s pinstripe suits are made of wool or cotton because these fabrics are lightweight and comfortable to wear. If you have a short torso and long legs, a long pinstripe suit works the best and if you have short legs, it’s better to wear a shorter pinstripe suit. The pinstripe suit should not fit too tight or loosely but just right.

Pinstripe suits add sophistication to your wardrobe and they pair well with most styles of shirts. They can be worn almost anywhere. Some bridegrooms and groomsmen are still choosing to wear pinstripe suits at weddings. They still remain a timeless and classic choice of fashion that will probably be around forever.


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