5 Best and Handy Ways to fix WiFi Problems

One of the biggest barriers that come in the field of NETGEAR Extender Setup is the poor and spotty WiFi connection. Everyone wants speed in today’s world of modern technology. Nobody wants to get slow down. Nobody wants to buffer in their favorite shows or movies. To get rid of such annoying WiFi problems, consider applying the following valuable below-given steps.

Before anything else, let us discuss with you “how to perform the process of New Extender Setup”.

First of all, before plugging your router and the range extender you have to check that you are receiving a good amount of electricity that is rid of high-voltage and fluctuation. After that, wait for the visible LED lights on your devices.

Connect your computer with the range extender and open a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer) in it. Now, you see an address bar on top of the web browser. We need you to type mywifiext on to it and proceed towards the home page of NETGEAR Genie.

Note: Do you have the default details of login credentials handy with you? If not, call us “team of finest technicians in the world” on toll-free number 1-888-927-2661.

Now, let us discuss with you important and helpful steps to solve the WiFi problems instantly

  1. Take Care of your Wireless Router

The router would be the main cause of poor and spotty WiFi connection and failure in mywifiext.net login. To fix this issue, consider applying the following:

  • Choose the best and appropriate location for your router that is away from heat, dust, and interference creating WiFi devices.
  • Do not use your device when it is overheated or outdated
  • There shouldn’t be the difference between your router and the updated modem.

Note: You are also supposed to keep your devices away from walls, windows, and doors do that third-party neighboring WiFi devices couldn’t affect its range.

  1. Open a Web Browser

Here, you might need a computer to connect to the router. What you have to do, open a web browser and type the default IP address of your device into the field of the address bar. After that, you will be prompt to enter the default credentials of username and password. Once you have entered into the home page of the router, consider following the below-given steps:

  • Hit the icon “Setup Wizard” followed by “Yes” and then “Next”. This process will detect the type of active internet connection you are connected.
  • To save the settings, hit “Next”.

Note: Do not change the default settings, login credentials of username and password until and unless you are aware of it. Ask tech support providers regarding the same and error issues related to mywifiext.net on the toll-free number mentioned before.

  1. Re-input the WEP/ WPA Code

Today, various operating systems won’t warn you if you type the wrong wireless password (security code). Whereas, your laptop immediately notify you when the security is inserted wrong. The router will refuse to communicate with that device, which doesn’t belong to you.

What you can do re-input the security key by right-clicking on the icon “disconnected” and try again.

  1. Check the MAC Address Filtering

Media Access Point (MAC addresses) has the capability of identifying the individual networking hardware. The access point and routers can be set up to allow only certain MAC addresses to authenticate with them. If your network has this filtering, you will need to have the MAC address of your smart device and network adapter on the permission list.

  1. Secure your Device

Interference of third-party and neighboring networking devices is one of the common issues that cause extreme WiFi problems and error in mywifiext.net setup. To get rid of such brain-teaser troubles, you just have to protect your device from unauthorized access.

Change the default settings of SSID and password soon after the process of configuration. The network name supposed to be about 7-8 characters and password supposed to be about 15-16 characters, without the use of any dictionary words.

Do not involve yourself in such annoying disasters. If anything bothers you, don’t hesitate to call our tech support team. Here, is the final destination for all your troubles.

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