5 Quirky-Gifts for The Creative Minds in Your Life


So your best friend’s birthday is coming up and you have to buy a gift for her. But one tiny problem. She’s that one creative soul that just does not deserve a plain coffee mug as a gift.

You can always run to the store or buy online personalized gifts such as leather scrapbook album or a leather portfolio personalized. But if you are trying to give them something really out of the box then you need to think beyond personalized gift options.

Well, hold your thinking horses. Let us make your life a little bit easier by giving you a list of quirky gifting ideas to satiate such creative people in your life.

1.       Photo album

We know, this sounds pretty normal and a bland gifting idea for your creative friend. But wait! There’s more you can do with a regular photo album.

Turn a simple looking photo album into a quirky one by filling the album with weird photos of you and your bestie. We are pretty sure that the gallery of your phone is packed with such weird selfies.

Print those pics and fill the photo album you just bought. Voila! Your quirky gift is ready to be explored.

2.       A toilet mug

Yes! You read that. While most of the people will find this gift absolutely outrageous, your BFF with a creative streak would love this weird toilet mug.

This coffee mug is specifically designed who can find humor in the quirkiest stuff. The mug is shaped like a toilet commode and will appear as if you are drinking out of a commode.

This sounds completely wicked and that is exactly the kind of gift which you should gift your creative friend.

3.       Nosey pencil sharpener

This list will just get weirder and weirder. Gift your quirky friend an insanely looking stationery item. We all love to take notes with a freshly sharpened pencil. And the pencil sharpener is the tool for that.

But what makes this sharpener weird and worthy of gifting to your creative person is its shape. The pencil sharpener is shaped in the form of a nose. You have to insert the pencil in the nostrils for getting finely sharpened pencils.

This is definitely not for the normal ones but is an absolute favorite for creative souls. You can purchase this nosey pencil sharpener from Amazon.

4.       Mermaid skeleton keychains

Keychains are the perfect gift to give someone. But since your best friend belongs in the category of being creative you need more than a simple keychain to gift her.

So why not gift her a pair of mermaid and skeleton keychain? This matching keychain set is a perfect gift that you can share with your bestie.

It’s like saying ‘you complete me’ message in a weird sort of way. You can find this item in online gift stores.

5.       Unicorn candle stand

This unicorn-shaped candle stand is another quirky gift item that will fit perfectly for the creative personality of your friend. This candle holder has two eyeball sockets from where the candle wax flows. It just seems that the unicorn is crying candle wax.

To make this gift item even more extraordinary, these candle holders come with 2 rainbow-colored candles. Once you light up this candle, it will give a weird situation of a unicorn crying rainbow-colored wax.

We know this list is not for the faint-hearted. Well, not at least for those who lack a creative bone in them. But trust us, your creative-minded friends will cherish these gifts forever.

Yes, no doubt personalized gifts are great gifting options as well such as leather scrapbook album, leather portfolio personalised, etc. But you want to go one step ahead in gifting item then this list will definitely guide you.

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