5 Ways Not To Do Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a very useful tool to reach out to plenty of potential customers and business partners globally. Being an efficient tool, it is paramount that the email markets should at least be ethical and morally oriented as some email messages may not be worth to customers and thus it may harm the business image rather than benefiting in the long run. Engaging the email marketing efforts with unworthy ways will definitely sway potential customers away and can translate to huge losses in revenue and may take time to recoup. The following are the worst ideas in email marketing and should never be condoned in whatever circumstances.

1. Adopting the Use of One Language

Email marketing is widely used approach for many firms who wish to market their products to customers speaking different languages. For business firms who adopt one language is really doing more harm than helping themselves. This means that those who may understand the adopted language cannot get the intended content in the email. It will be of no use to send them junk of persuading messages yet it was perceived they could understand too. It is for this reason that email marketers should introduce an option where clients can get the message in their own language.

2. No Link to Unsubscribe

Sometimes, clients would not like to receive the email updates after making a transaction or a decision. This can irritate them, as they no longer are interested with offers. Moreover, users may mark the emails received as spam and may negatively affect the image of the email marketers especially in their future marketing campaigns. Therefore, the email marketers should include a link to unsubscribe as an essential feature in the emails.

3. Targeting the Wrong Audience

Sometimes it is awkward for the email marketers to target those people who are not totally interested with the emails. These people are also not interested with the marketed products and as such, the email marketing efforts will be reduced to nothing in the end. It may also happen that the email marketers are targeting their own competitors which are is a loophole where the business marketing secrets are spilled to wrong party. Therefore, the email marketers should study the potential audience and communicate with them in a bid to make a business persuasion.

4. Use of Wild Colors

It has been acknowledged that the appearance of a marketing message is an important ingredient to show off what is being marketed. In fact, most customers usually develop a negative impression by using dull colors before even getting the meaning and value of the email message. Some of them may go to an extent of spamming them or avoid reading as it is of no use to them. Therefore, dull colors should be avoided with all efforts.

5. Forgetting to Mention a Call to Action

Plenty of marketers utilize all their efforts to create a convincing description of their products they intend to sell without mentioning with few words why they should do so. For example, email marketers can forget to give a description on the long-term results that would accrue to them in case they will make a purchase decision. Without them, clients and customers will totally spam the message. Therefore, email marketers should equip the clients with all-important details.

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