A Historically Enlightening And Patriotic Trip To The City Of Kanpur

One of the most significant spots of historical importance with regard to the history of India’s struggle, Kanpur played a huge role in the independence of India. Today, the sites where revolutions were started and carried out are marked and paid respect to by Indians who visit the city from all over the world. This article talks of Kanpur tourism and why every Indian should visit this historic city.

Kanpur, the largest state of Uttar Pradesh is also known as the Manchester of India. It is the business capital of Uttar Pradesh and the center of all commercial activities the state carries out. Kanpur remains as one of North India’s major modern focuses with its own authentic, religious and business significance. Accepted to be established by lord Hindu Singh of the past state of Sachendi, Kanpur was initially known as `Kanhpur’.

Kanpur was one of the fundamental focuses where modern upheaval started in India. The city was established by the leaders of the Chandela Dynasty between the tenth and the thirteenth hundreds. The city was a noteworthy mechanical and social center point and was ruled by different realms and traditions. It shares similar traits with its neighboring city of Lucknow. A ride from a Kanpur to Lucknow taxi takes less than 2 hours of travel. Lucknow and Kanpur shares a good number of historical places between them and are the two prime locations of must visit if you choose to travel to Uttar Pradesh.

Kanpur is also regarded as a pilgrimage site by many Hindu devotees across the country and sees a horde of devotees flow in to pay homage in Bithoor, a small town in Kanpur. Bithoor is home to the sacrosanct Ganges and was a instrumental in the (in)famous revolt of 1857 in India and the popular skirmish of the siege of the then ‘Cawnpore’. Bithoor has spots like Sidhidham Ashram, Valmiki Ashram, Patthar Ghat and Druva Teela which are a source of major tourist attractions.

Another place of historical significance and a place which every Indian must visit, is the Boodha Bargad. Boodha Bargad as the name suggests in Hindi means Old Banyan, which is exactly what it was, an old banyan tree. Although the tree is dead and uprooted now, a memorial has been erected in the very place the tree stood and many people go to pay their respect and step ground in one of the country’s most historically significant places. Its significance is that, during the revolt of 1857, 144 Indian revolutionaries were hung on the old banyan tree that stood in the very spot which is why many people, regardless of caste or creed head to the Nana Rao park and pay their respects to martyrs who laid down their lives for the nation.

Spread across 190 acres of land, the Allen Forest Zoo is one of the few zoos made of natural forests. The region had been already a habitat of many wildlife that were later preserved under a roof. Today the zoo not only houses wildlife, but also houses botanical gardens with lakes, aquariums and various other distinctive attractions justifying its visitors of a proper time well spent.

Kanpur tour packages include a detailed tour to all these places and much more. If you choose from one of the flexible tour packages where you can choose as per your convenience, it is recommended you add Lucknow to your itinerary and other nearby cities to bring a perfect and proper end to your trip in Uttar Pradesh.

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