Combine Many PST Files Into Single File Using PST Merge Software

Merge Multiple PST Files Together Without Duplicates: Best Technique

MS Outlook is most commonly used among a large number of users to carry out email messages and some other management effortlessly. It can easily store different data items like emails, address book, calendars,  etc. in the proprietary format i.e., PST file type. However, sometimes the users notice that various .pst files from different account may be merged. It happens because its quite complex to handle one or more PST files and extracting relevant information from them. Hence, the users search for suitable solution that can easily combine various data items into one single PST file format. Microsoft Outlook does not equipped any such applications to integrate the PST files. Thus, users can go for the trusted third party utility that can merge multiple PST files without having any data loss. One such great tool is PST Merge Software, which ensures to combine any number of PST files effortlessly. Even our experts have already gone through the complete software to check its functionalists. In this review page, we are going to discuss about PST merge software in brief with all it features in detail.

A Brief Introduction of PST Merge Tool 

The PST Merge software is designed to combine multiple Outlook .pst files into one. Make sure that whenever PST files to be merged into a single new file, the original PST file keeps all data intact. PST Merger is capable to save time by combining PST files into a single file and makes it easy for most users to acquire each data items quickly within one single data file. This tool is compatible with Windows 10 operating system and all its below versions.

Different Versions of PST Merge 

The software is available in two different editions such as Trial and Licensed Version. Depending upon the users requirement, an end user can go for any of the versions:

  • Trial Version

The trial version of PST Merge software is easily available for downloading from company’s official website. However, it allows the user to join initial 2 folders, export first 15 items and contacts as well.

  • Licensed Version

The paid version of this software has to be purchased from official website. It will allow the user to export all data items freely from any number of Outlook PST files without any constraints.

Incredible Features of PST Merger 

The PST Merge is an organized tool, which can easily combine multiple PST files like contacts,  inbox, calendars and so on. Some of the highlighted features of PST Merge tool software are as follows:

1. 3 Options to Merge PST File

The PST file finder software that allows to search complete PST files; those are available in Exchange Server Machines. On one domain, software finds Outlook PST files in one  separate machine as well as all in one machine. This application provides merge operation in the following three different modes:

  • Merge Multiple PST
  • Join Multiple PST file
  • Merge PST contacts only

2. Combine Outlook Data Items

For merged Outlook PST file, to create a new folder and also this software allows the users to join two or more Outlook data items. The user is capable to add all regular PST files and each PST files have their data-items in an individual new folder.

 Combine Outlook Data Items

3. Merging Multiple PST Files

PST merger tool is enabled to integrate all similar folders from multiple Outlook PST data files like tasks, inbox, contacts, calendars, drafts, sent items, to-do list and more intact into a single large UNICODE type Outlook .pst file.

Merging Multiple PST Files

4. Join ‘Only Contact’ Folders 

The user allows to combine Outlook Contacts folders, which incorporates multiple data items into a separate PST file. The PST merger software will generate one PST file that has each contact combined into a single folder and keep all items such as name, email address, contact number and tasks altogether.

5. Remove Redundant PST Items 

This tool permits the user to combine two or more PST files altogether and if any duplicate data items are present then, eliminate them simultaneously. The user only just needs to confirm that the removal of duplicate items while clubbing multiple PST files & folders intact.

6. Tool Offers ‘Add folder’ Option 

If the user wants to merge all Outlook data items together then, no need to integrate each PST file gradually. PST Merge software will permit to integrate two or more .pst items at once by giving the “Add Folder Option” and performing the merge Outlook operation in bulk. In case, if users want to join single file at a time after this users can select other option i.e. “Add files”.

7. Create Progress Status of PST 

Once the merging becomes to finish, the software will display a complete progress report of merged PST files. After finishing this, it can also generate a summary report, which contains number of PST files, name of Outlook files, duplicate files found, count total items and Status to merge. Also, appears the name and location of merged files and create duplicate files.

8. Include/Exclude Replicate Items 

After clubbing two PST items into a single file, if users unable to merge deleted data folders then, choose this option to exclude the deleted items. PST merge software cannot merge deleted data folders into a resultant merged Outlook PST file and in fact, it will help the users to consume less time while merging the deleted files.

  • Remove duplicacy while merging Outlook PST files
  • Combine UNICODE and ANSI into one single UNICODE type

–   Software does not allow to merge corrupted PST files

–   Microsoft Outlook installation should be required

Observational Verdict

After considering both the positive as well as negative aspects of the software, we can summarize that the PST Merge software is a reliable exporting application that allows a user to merge multiple Outlook files into a single PST file format. Moreover, it is also capable to combine UNICODE as well as ANSI PST into one UNICODE type. It can be rated as 9.6/10 as corrupted or damaged PST files cannot be combined with this PST merger tool.

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