Debunking 4 Common Apple Battery Myths Most People Believed

As an iOS user, you might have heard numerous myths and chatter about iPhone, iPads and more. However, not every chatter you heard needs to be correct. The world is filled with know-it-alls who will offer you unprecedented guidance that can confuse you on the heath of your device.

This is why in case your Apple device faces any issue, it is best to consult an official service station or wholesale iPhone parts manufacturers. These people can offer the correct guidance and you won’t fall victim to false information.

On that note, here’s debunking 4 common Apple Myths that most of you tend to believe!

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Myth 1: Overnight Charge Will kill Your iPhone!


One popular saying among Android users as well as iOS users is that overnight charge can damage a phone. Now, this statement isn’t wrong if you consider an older version of phones.

However, the latest Apple phones come with enhanced power management options. This means the phone won’t harness excess current once it is done charging. Nevertheless, even if these phones and devices offer good ROI eventually the batteries will wear out.

The reason being these are technological products and hence, can rumble under the memory, environment, and other factors. This is why it is wise to do a periodic replacement of older Apple device parts with new parts.

You can do this by contacting a reputed and reliable Apple OEM supplier.

Myth 2: Automatic Brightness Adjusting is Bad for the iPhone


Most users assume that the iPhone loses out battery life owing to auto-brightness. However, Apple says auto-brightness saves battery life.

Contrary to that, manual adjustment of brightness as per user whim can deplete battery life quicker. This is why it is best to set up auto-brightness, follow the given instruction –

‘Settings> General >Accessibility >Display Accommodation ‘

Myth 3: Closing Background Applications Save Battery


You might have the habit of clearing apps several times a day to increase battery life. However, do you know you’re doing it all for nought?

As per Apple, the clearing of background applications harness quite a lot of energy each time you do it. Thus, instead of saving battery you are adding more pressure on the iPhone.

Myth 4: Keeping Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Off is the Way to Save Battery


Most people harbour under the false notion that switching off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is the ideal way to save battery. However, the truth is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth harness no power when these are not in use.

In fact, in certain cases turning of Bluetooth can hamper the functioning of an Apple device. For example, An Apple watch may not work flawlessly if one turns the Bluetooth off.

Well, now that these common Apple iPhone battery myths have been debunked ensure to do the needful to elongate your device’s battery life. For best results replace older models or parts by purchasing Apple OEM parts wholesale from reliable sellers. Good luck!

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