Holidaying in Dalhousie – A Seven Days of Splendour

Being a major tourist destination in the nation, Dalhousie is a hot favorite among the travellers. It is beautiful hill station, replete with several scenic places, ancient temples, welcoming locals, rich culture, and more. So, simply head to this city in your next holidays and choose accommodation from the best Dalhousie hotels.

There are undoubtedly loads of ways to spend the holidays; some like to spend a lazy holiday while staying at home, close to their loved ones, whereas some like to embark on a memorable adventure. Boarding on a fun-filled Dalhousie holiday is a one interesting way to spend the holidays.

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A beautiful resort hill station that was primarily established by the British, Dalhousie is certainly a treat to every visitor of the town. Nestling in the enchanting regions in the state of Himachal Pradesh with an impressive stretch of five hills, Dalhousie is the earthly heaven. Abundant with natural charm, the hill-town offers the rewarding opportunities to one to explore, admire, and relish the best of nature.

Brimming with infinite tourist attractions and genuine hospitality of excellent Dalhousie hotels, the town is an ideal place to unwind. The city has long been attracting visitors, including nature-lovers, honeymooners, adventure buffs, and photographers etc. Complete with nature parks, sanctuaries, trekking trails, virgin forests, beautiful meadows, and a lake etc., there are tons of attractions for the nature lovers and photographers. To name some of the most prominent tourist attractions include: Alah Water Tank, Kala Tope Rest House, Khajjiar, Upper Bakrota, Subhash Chowk, Ganji Pahadi, Chamba, Tibetan market, Church next to the post office, and Kalatop wildlife reserve.

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Dalhousie is a cool place and receives all the major seasons in a year. During the summers, the town serves as an excellent getaway from the burning summer heat. The surroundings are very clear, making the ideal conditions for sightseeing. Besides, stargazing is one popular activity among the tourist and locals, during this season. The sky is exceptionally clear during nights and is filled with infinite glittering stars. The monsoon in Dalhousie is quite interesting, with the Himalayas playing hide and seek due to the obstructing mists. Enjoying barbecues with hot tea/coffee, and basking the chimney fire is the best way to kill the time, whilst the rain drops falling on the trees’ leave make the sweet sound.

Winters in Dalhousie is fun. During the season the whole town gets camouflaged by thick layers of snow, making the ideal conditions for playing with snow, making snow man, ice-skating, skiing, and sightseeing.

Unlike the neighbouring hill stations, namely Shimla and Dharamsala, Dalhousie is a quiet and unspoiled tourist destination. The city still very-well preserves its old-world charm, that is kept unspoiled by the discos, malls, lounges, multiplexes, and other cosmopolitan clubs etc. The locals here are simple-minded, and are true to their age-old traditions and cultures. Like mentioned above the city is was primarily developed by the British during their colonial era. Their remnants are still very much alive in the monuments, residencies, churches, cottages, bungalows, and other structures, which dot the town.

Finding a comfortable accommodation for a sojourn holiday in Dalhousie is a simple affair.  Alps Spa Resort, Hotel Spring, Sagrika Resort, Hotel ARK, Hotel Comfort Inn, Hotel Dalhousie Palace, Hotel President etc. are some of the best stay options to choose from. Snow Valley Resorts is one fine accommodation option to choose. Counted amongst the best 3 Star hotels in Dalhousie, the hotel offers the best value for money accommodation in the town.

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