How To Motivate Your Resellers

If you rely on channel marketing to distribute and sell your product or service, you know how important it is to keep your resellers motivated to sell as much as they can. It is important to get your sales partners excited about selling your product, and invested in their relationship with you. This will not only help your relationship with your resellers, but it will also boost your sales numbers. Here are some tips on how to keep your channel marketing partners motivated.

Create and Maintain Relationships

Establishing healthy relationships with your channel marketing partners will make it easier to trust them and fix problems as they come. Trust is essential in a sales partner program. If you create a rapport with your sales partners, they will be more receptive to being flexible in making changes to their sales practices and strategies. Also, having a good relationship with your sales partners will ideally cause them to keep you in mind while selling your product, thus motivating them to sell more of it.

Sales Tools

Implementing certain sales tools can make your channel sales much easier and more efficient.  Make sure to train your sales partners thoroughly, so they have enough knowledge of your market, product, and selling points to sell your product successfully. Providing your channel marketing partners with plenty of sales materials such as brochures, information on your competition, testimonials, and sales scripts will help them learn more about your product and sell more effectively.

Also, a tool such as an automated partner program can be very useful. This sort of software allows you and your sales partners to keep track of numbers, update each other on any changes, and track channel sales trends. Automated partner programs also help with maintaining a relationship with your sales partners, because you can check in with them regularly and make any tweaks necessary to your channel marketing program as problems appear.

Incentive Programs

Creating an incentive program for your channel marketing partners is also an effective way to motivate them. If your sales partners feel that they will be compensated for the sale of your product, naturally they will want to push that product and have excellent sales results. This way, both you and your channel marketing partners benefit from the sale of your product. Your sales partners will appreciate even something small, like earning “points” from their sales that can add up to redeem a prize or gift.

So, by maintaining a bond with your resellers, providing them with ample sales tools, and throwing in some sales incentives, you should have a more successful channel marketing program.


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