How To Wear Colored Contacts For Looking Sizzling Hot

If you have been thinking about trying colored contacts, there is no better moment than the present to satisfy your curiosity. You might have seen many celebs who wear these types of contacts on a regular basis, appreciating the way they looked. Now, do not think that this look is reserved only for those who have a name in Hollywood; you can wear colored contacts just as any other person, impressing everyone with your amazing look. It is guaranteed that everyone will ask you about the things you have changed and what your secret actually is.

Colored contacts, an inspired beauty trend

While there are many beauty trends to try out, it seems that colored contacts can provide the most benefits. They are easy to place and change, offering the chance to change your eye color and look fantastic. However, the one thing that you have to remember about colored contacts is that they require care, in order to reduce the risk of ophthalmologic infections. You need to use specific cleaning solutions, following the care instructions that come with such types of contacts. You do not want to risk an eye infection, as these can take quite long to heal.

How to draw attention to your eyes with colored contacts

One of the main reasons why women consider wearing colored contacts is because they want to draw attention to their eyes. Apart from using home remedies for eyelash growth, they are interested in changing the color of their eyes, knowing for certain that this will make a genuine difference.

Some women prefer natural colors, as these are subtler and recommended for every day usage. Among the most popular colors that you will find in this category, there are the following: green, blue, brown, gray and pure hazel. On the other hand, if you are interested in wearing colored contacts for a more special occasion, you can consider vibrant shades. These are definitely going to make your eyes stand out, including shades such as honey, bright blue, deep green or sterling gray.

Colored contacts and matching eye shadow

Once you have covered the matter of eyelash growth, it is high time you considered what shades of eye shadow to use for your new eye color. Matching your colored contacts with proper eye shadow might seem difficult at first; however, if you listen to our advice, it is guaranteed you will be more than pleased with the final result.

If you are going for a gray eye color, you will need to stick with cool tones, such as navy or dark gray, as these will deliver the right amount of contrast. You can also go with dark brown or try out the smoky look, as these are great for gray eyes as well. For the green eye color, it is indicated that you stick with purple or plum-colored eye shadow. What you want to do is use these shades in order to bring out the green. As for blue eyes, neutral colors are the best. You can either choose gray or brown eye shadow, as this will complement the chosen eye color. Last, but not least, for hazel and brown eyes, all hues are acceptable but peach and purple eye shadow will deliver the best results.

A complete routine for a beautiful look

Once you have established a suitable makeup routine for your new eye color, you may want to try out additional products, such as Hydrolyze. This age-defying eye serum is guaranteed to make fine lines and wrinkles less visible; moreover, it represents the perfect weapon against dark circles and under-eye puffiness. This product can be used to eliminate the tired aspect around the eyes, containing a number of natural enzymes that are highly beneficial for the skin. The advanced formula will also help the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself, eliminating common problems such as eye bags, discoloration and overall puffiness.

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A final word of advice

Colored contacts can bring out your beautiful features but they also give you the opportunity to try new things. Do not hesitate to play with colors and try several colored contacts, before you decide on the one that suits you the most. Also, do not forget to use proper cleansing solutions, in order to eliminate the risk of bacterial contamination. Colored contacts require a similar amount of care with regular contacts, so make sure to keep that in mind. Other from that, you are free to choose any color you like and match it to your eye shadow.

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