Learning About Scaffolding Engineering What Is Scaffolding? To Best Learn About The Engineering That Applies To Scaffolding

What is Scaffolding?

To best learn about the engineering that applies to scaffolding, you must know what scaffolding is. Scaffolding is the term used to define any number of structures that lift your body above ground level. Different types of scaffolding design exist including supported, suspended and mast. Scaffolding is a heavily regulated field that requires compliance with rules and regulations set forth by OSHA, which stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Association. Failure to comply with these strict guidelines can result in fines and other punitive damages assessed on the firm.

The laws set forth by OSHA are concerned about making your workplace a safe one for employees and everyone coming in contact with your facility. Fall protection, proper signage and injury reduction play crucial roles in its overall success. The safer your workplace, the fewer claims will be filed by your employees.

What is Scaffolding Engineering?

Scaffolding engineering determines the type of scaffolding design that best suits your firm’s individual needs. Only highly trained professionals will understand what is needed to comply with OSHA requirements. Scaffold engineering cannot be performed by anyone who is not OSHA-certified. Individuals employed by a scaffolding engineering firm, who provide consulting and engineering services, must undergo an arduous and stringent examination. The examination can be done either onsite or via the Internet.

Scaffolding engineering can involve suspended scaffolding. This type of scaffolding design involves a platform that is supported from an overhead structure via ropes or other non-rigid means. Think of a skyscraper window washer and you will understand what a suspended scaffold is. Many types of suspended scaffolding can be used, and working with a professional from a scaffolding engineering firm will be your best bet in finding the one suited for your purpose. Engineers can also provide insight into fall prevention measures you can take to keep your workforce safe.

Scaffold engineering may involve supported scaffolding. Engineers specializing in this area can work with tube and clamp scaffolding, rolling towers, frames and systems. Frame scaffolding is known to be the most customizable and versatile of the supported scaffolding types since it can be used for multiple projects.

Whatever type of scaffolding design you need, hiring the services of an OSHA-certified scaffolding engineering professional who comes out to your facility and inspects your surroundings will be needed. After inspecting your workplace setting, a scaffold design for hallways, stairways, and/or event staging can be developed.

How do you Find a Scaffolding Engineering Firm?

As with any important business decision, you must perform due diligence in finding the scaffold engineering company best suited to your needs. Ask for references among your work associates, industry contacts and online social networking circles. Go online and visit websites of companies. Check the company’s Better Business Bureau rating for both positive and negative feedback. Consider posting a question to the firm’s comment section, or sending an email. Notice how long the response time is. Ask questions to test the firm’s expertise. When you are comfortable with your customer service response, and conversation with a professional OSHA-certified employee, consider scheduling an onsite meeting.

Scaffolding engineering can make your life easy. Choosing the scaffolding engineering company that you feel comfortable with will protect you, your staff and your facility.

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