How Local Businesses Can Use Custom Sticker Printing

If you think that print marketing could invigorate your marketing efforts, then you are quite right. Print marketing, as contrary to popular belief is still alive and it is essential for businesses who want to sell locally. One of the most innovative inventions in the world of print marketing is sticker marketing. What is it and how you can use it to your benefit? Scroll down to find out.

What is Custom Sticker Printing?

Custom sticker printing is a service provided by reputed printing companies like Rayacom wherein a custom sticker that represents your company, brand, a product or service is offered to you. These are labeled as custom because a printing company can extensively customize them for you. If you are looking for a printing services provider in any of the Canadian cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, etc. you can trust Rayacom.

How to Use Custom Stickers?

Now that you have got your hands on some custom stickers thanks to the printing services provider you hired, you should know how to ensure that the potential customers notice them.

Ø  Just Give Them Out

The first tactic is the most obvious one. Hire a college kid to stand in front of your shop or store and ask him or her to pass the custom stickers to every passerby. Most people will accept them (just as a courtesy) no matter whether they use them or not.

Ø  Smartphone Decals

Did you know that mobile phone users in the world are expected to cross the five billion mark by 2019? If so, you should exploit this fact to your benefit and ask your employees and other stakeholders to use smartphone decals that have the custom stickers added to them.

Ø  Bumper Stickers

You can also use the custom stickers as bumper stickers and let anyone on the road know about or get curious about your business. It’s better than those long and irritating ads, don’t you think?

Ø  Create Client Retention Gifts

If you have clients who turn to you over and over again, then you can boost their loyalty by creating custom travel mugs, wine labels, custom labeled jars and much more. Most companies that have hired a firm to handle the printing of custom products admit that clients appreciate this method.

Ø  Address Labels

You can also use custom sticker printing to make address labels. This option provided by almost every company providing printing in Canada negates the need to get envelopes printed as you can add the stickers to any package or envelope that’s going out there. This is a fast, affordable and safe method of marketing your business.

Ø  Increase Curb Appeal

You can also increase the curb appeal of your storefront or shop by using custom window decals. These decals can tell the customers about the working hours or the latest discounts you are offering at the moment.

Ø  Wall and Floor Decals

It is also smart to remember that custom sticker printing is not for marketing purpose only, you can use it to enhance the interior of your business as well. Wall and floor decals are in, and when you opt for using custom stickers as your personalized decals, people will notice.

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