Make Your Short Trip to Delhi Memorable with Amazing Places to Visit

Delhi is the capital city of India and houses a number of great tourist destinations, places of interest and so on and so forth. However, when you are in the city with little time in hand, you should cut down and make a point of visiting only select and great tourist destinations to make your stay in Delhi memorable, fantastic and hassle – free. You can easily find and avail delightful tours and tour packages for you to be able to experience the beauty and grandeur of the old city.

Kinds of tours you can look for

Walking tours are very popular, as they actually let you feel and fully experience the age – old historical and heritage significance of the city. They help you access the city as though you were among the locals and feel totally, completely at ease and at home.

Rickshaw tours are also availed by several tourists, and they are especially recommended if walking is an issue. Such tours allow you to experience the beauty and historical significance of Delhi, to its core.

Professional tour packages Delhi help you untangle and unravel the beautiful city in a way that you would find difficult to do yourself as a tourist.

Places of interest you will be visiting

The tour packages for Delhi ensure you are taken though, introduced to and made familiar with the renowned tourist spots, monuments and other places of interest in Delhi. The places included are Akshardham temple, Heritage Haveli, Red Fort, etc.

Street Food and Delicacies

You will be able to try the mouth – smacking, delicious fast food of the famous Chandni Chowk, where the street food is popular all over the world. A few of them are Daulat Ki Chat, paranthe from Paranthe Wali Gali, etc.

Temples and places of worship

You will also be escorted to a number of the most important and well – known divine places of worship and religious monuments, including temples and mosques and so on.

  • The gold plated beautiful temples of Delhi which absolutely should not be missed.
  • Jama Masjid, which is the largest mosque in India, is not to be missed.
  • Restored, old, beautiful havelis with a lot of history behind them will be visited.

Some of the tour packages you can avail

Here are just some of the tour packages you can avail:

  • Dawat-e-Delhi, a tour through the legendary street food hotspots.
  • Grand spirituality tours to discover the beautiful religious monuments and places of worship.
  • Royal heritage and grand haveli tours.
  • Museums tours.

You will also get a chance to visit Khari Baoli, which is the largest spice market in the whole of Asia, and get an opportunity to actually buy the top – grade specimens. Efficient and multilingual tour guides will help you unravel and will tell you untold stories, myths and legends that have scarcely been heard before. Professional tour packages are to ensure that you do not miss anything important that you might have to regret later on.  You will have an amazing and memorable experience when you hire tours for your one day trip near Delhi.

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