Measuring Trade Show Results

Are you a business professional looking for tips on how to improve your trade show marketing efforts and how to measure trade show results? Trade shows aren’t just about brand recognition; it actually needs to be a lot more than that because it is kind of expensive to be a booth host at a trade show. There needs to be a good return on investment when it comes to your trade show booth but tracking those numbers is where things get a little difficult.

How many leads did you get? What were sales over the next couple of months? What and how can you measure the success for your trade show? Here are some tips:

Number of Leads

The best way to tell if your trade show booth is a success is by the number of leads your booth is able to generate and the number of those leads that turn into sales. Measure your tradeshow success by finding a way to track the number of leads and sales you generate. There are actually many different apps and software packages that do this very thing you can try.

Personal Contact

A fantastic way to generate leads and measure your success is to do some pre-trade-show work by inviting existing customers to your upcoming trade show. Personal contact, meeting with your existing customers is the best way to reinforce an actual relationship with them.

At Show Sales

Leads and sales may be the best way to measure your trade show success, but the sales and orders you make at the show are also a great way to measure success and pave the way for future contacts, networking, and contracts. After you make those contacts and communications you should try to keep a tally of how many of those people actually come to visit your trade show booth.


Another way to measure your trade show success is by counting the number of visitors who stop by your booth. Keep track of these numbers over the years so that you can figure out what works and what doesn’t, and keep track of how well your brand is doing.


Do your own market research by using the suggestions and opinions from your trade show visitors. They have taken the time to come to your booth, you have a captive audience you should take advantage of it and get some of their opinions on how your booth is doing and what you could do to make it better. Many of them will appreciate the fact that you are trying to reach them and that you actually care about their opinions.

Industry Trends

What are the emerging trends for your industry? What is on the horizon? What are the upcoming technologies? Stay ahead of the curve and keep up with your competition in order to gain a competitive advantage.


What are your competitors doing? Be aware of them and make sure you keep up or stay ahead or you will get left behind.


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