Why It Pays To Teach Yourself DIY

DIY pays you back on so many ways beyond the costs savings. It also pays you back with the skills you learn for the first time that you can use again and again and feel pretty smug about it, too. It pays you back with you learning that you can be self-reliant and have that awesome “can-do” spirit that your grandparents had back in the day that you can now carry forward to your own family.

DIY pays

Think about the car repairs you pay others to do for you that you can easily do yourself: Change a tire, or change the oil, filters, and spark plugs. Those are the easy jobs that you are currently paying a pretty penny for someone else to do for you. Once you realize how easy it is, you will save so much time and, yes, money. You will also have that sense of confidence when you realize something under the hood needs to be done when that good old “check engine” light comes on that you CAN do it.

Once you learn those easy tasks, you may want to learn about other things you can do yourself. Take a class to learn about changing the belts and repairing the radiator and things like that so that when you are out on the open road, you can say with confidence you can handle anything that comes your way.

Your burgeoning powers under the hood of your car will probably give you confidence you can handle odd jobs around the house better than the repairperson you pay to do those jobs for you. You can take inexpensive or even free DIY classes at most home improvement stores to learn how to do things like repair holes in the walls, hang doors, set tile, basic plumbing repairs and other simple tasks. Once you have those tasks and skills under your belt you can learn more and perhaps in time you will be the neighborhood repairperson with a fine reputation and a little side work, too.

Teaching yourself a little DIY around the house or for your car will pay you back in perhaps unexpected dividends like that feeling of pride when the engine starts up without a sputter and your family cheers or when you walk into the kitchen and admire your tile work and know that you can now go to work on the bathroom because you have the skills and no-how to do it right. Another bonus is that DIY is just plain fun!

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