The Perks and Drawbacks of Face Book on students

In the era of technology and digitization, it is very essential for everyone to stay in touch with the latest technology and the social media platforms to stay in touch in order to gain better insight of the information related to various topics. Though, there are various advantages and drawbacks of the social media platforms.

One of the most commonly and popularly used application by the students if face book. Here are some of the drawbacks and the advantages of this social media platform to help you understand it better.

Perks of facebook

There are innumerable advantages of social networking websites which helps the students in many ways. Long is the time gone, when technology and students were not connected. In this trending era, everything takes place on the social networking websites whether it is study or entertainment. Some of the perks are given below –

Better insight of information – The students are able to gain better understanding of various topics such as business updates, news, latest information, trending concerns and so on. This helps the students in increasing their general knowledge about various topics and helps them in gaining an better insight of the information.

The students are able to generate more innovative ideas for themselves. For eg- Today almost every college has a facebook page, this helps students to be updated about latest exams like VITEEE, SRMJEE, AP-EAMCET Exam 2018-2019, JIPMER etc.

A better networking connection – It is also very crucial for the students as it helps them in maintaining connections with their friends and teachers. In case there is any query related to anything or any topic, the students can easily use the message and audio calling feature of face book to contact the teacher or the student for a remedial solution. You can connect with anyone who is sitting far away at just a click of the mouse.

Drawbacks of Face Book on students


 This is not the end of Facebook on news and calling. This is the big source of information that people share on Facebook on daily basis. There are thousands of pages in every language in every country that share information to read.

Maintaining portfolios – The latest trends in facebook is maintaining portfolios of the career related things which help in the easy availability of the jobs for the students. Now days, students create their online portfolios on facebook and maintain them in order to get a job of their field or something in which they are interested.

They can also link it to the profile link to their resume. In this way, better career opportunities are available for the student which helps them in growing and developing and inculcating a change.

Drawbacks of face book

Facebook is not only advantageous for the students, it also has some drawbacks. These are some of the major disadvantages which might be hazardous for the students.

Drawbacks of Face Book on students

Wastage of time – Sometimes the students get addicted to facebook. It might be because of the gaming sessions or the chatting sessions but it all leads to the wastage of the valuable time. Many a times people start creating fake profiles just to bully or tease other child which is utterly wastage of time.

Sometimes, the students involve in vulgarity which leads to the harassment crimes and so on. Most of the times, students get addicted to the games on facebook which is a sheer waste of time and efforts.

Drawbacks of Face Book on students

Loss in Productivity – It has been observed that the students have lost the productivity in various works due to the excessive use of facebook. Whether it is the employees or the students this social media platform has resulted in the decreased productivity hours in a student’s life.

The productivity of the students decreases as they indulge in various trolling, chatting and gaming sessions which exhausts them and they are not able to focus on anything else after that. A lot of time is wasted because of this.

Leads to antisocial behavior – Studies have revealed that the overuse of the social networking websites like facebook has lead to the antisocial behavior among many students. The students get influenced by the narcissistic behavior which leads to various problems. It furthermore led to the cyber bulling and various other hazardous criminal activities.

Students get indulged in various assaulting activities which leads to harassment, violent behavior, depression and agony. This creates a negative impact in their lives and lead to various self esteem problems.

Drawbacks of Face Book on students

Influenced decisions – Many a times, students get involved in various decisions which are not their own but they get influenced by the politics, wrong information and the news updates on such websites. This might affect the youth in a negative way which furthermore leads to some decisions regarding their career or personal life, which might affect them or harm them in innumerable ways.

Often, they get indulged in politics or some mishappenings which lead them to the wrong path. The students also get influenced by the trending things on the sites which lead them to the wrong directions frequently. There are times when wrong information is spread across various pages misleading the users. For Exam every year, the dates released for AP-ECET (this year AP-ECET Exam 2018-2019) are wrong. Supported by big fan following, popular and viral pages can misguide the students which can result in career losses.

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