Weddings are not only fate of love; they’re also a delicate expression of couple relationship. Is there any other occasion where you can admit your mutual attraction? So, when the time comes to propose your love, there’s no need to stick on only the diamond solitaire, which works from ages. There’s a rainbow of possibility in the market- from sparkling blue sapphires to twinkling emeralds, lush rubies to glittering amethyst engagement rings. Express yourself with an eccentric sparkler as vibrant and colorful as your love.

From the tradition, Amethyst has gained the attention of monarchs both secular and cleric for its color. It had been found in the aristocratic family of jewelries, that’s why its color is considered as the official hue of royalty. You can treat your lover or say would be wife as a queen by popping the big question with the beautiful purple colored proposal.


  • Amethyst is the birthstone for February and zodiac sign of Pisces. It is an ideal gift for the girls, who are born or find kinship close to the month of February. It will show that you are paying close attention towards the important dates of her life.
  • Though, the meaning of this precious gemstone not directly point to the wedding, love and unanimity, its ability known to few can calm down anxiety and convert negative to positive energy, guarantees a pleasant union. Amethyst symbolizes spirituality, secularity, security and purity, all of which are immense characteristics of a marriage vow.
  • It is even believed that rubbing an amethyst across your forehead can heal headache, and you can get a nice dream by slipping an amethyst under your pillow. Isn’t it good for your girlfriends, an engagement ring would be used for various purposes.
  • Amethyst gemstone looks stunning in almost every cut and shapes- with a number of metals. From silver to 18k yellow gold or palladium to the best luxury choice platinum, everything goes well with the sparkling amethyst.
  • Amethyst can be easily enhanced using heat treatments to improve the color and clarity of stone. These heat treatments are pretty secure and usually have least effect on the worth of gemstones.
  • Most importantly, after excavating your pocket, you will be happy to know that amethyst engagement ring compared to other precious or semi-precious engagement gemstones are relatively affordable.



There are many famous people who tried out the color engagement ring. Ben Affleck popped the matter of love to Jennifer Lopez, with a 6-carat sparkling pink, radiant cut- diamond, which costs approximately more than $3 million.

Even more beautiful is, Prince Charles offered her love with the beautiful blue sapphire. The flower-structured ring is composed of eight-carat oval sapphire embellishing the center of the ring, while fourteen little white diamonds enclosed like a miniature petals.

I know no matter how much expensive and extravagant these rings were, these celebrity duos didn’t last, as diamonds do- “forever”. After browsing I came over the result that not everyone is traditional and petrified up to end like the celebrities.


While browsing through internet discussions, I also comprehended that, other than Diamonds, sapphires and rubies are the popular choice for the engagement ring.

What I am “recommending” is a little awareness about how meaningful an amethyst engagement ring could be for a wedding duos. As a women, (I think ladies would be concur with me when I say) any women with a ring finger waiting, is prepared to swept off her feet with any colored ring, as long as it deals with the main question..

AUTHOR BIO- This post is written by Akanksha Singh, she loves to write about fashion and jewelries. The beauty of jewelries always personified her and boosts her curiosity in writing about the same. She suggests silvertrendz.com an online jewelry store which has splendid collection of amethyst engagement ring and other elegant gemstones.

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