Reasons for Rising Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism industry in India is growing at the rate of 30% annually. It is expected to boost the healthcare industry that is worth $17 billion a year.

In medical tourism of India, the Apollo group of hospitals has provided treatment to 95,000 international patients, many of whom belong to the Indian diasporas, abroad. Patients from Middle East, South East Asia and Africa are also making a beeline for Indian super specialty hospitals like Apollo. In fact, foreign medical tourists account for 10-12% of patients in best hospitals in Mumbai.

The following are the reasons why India is attracting medical tourists by the droves:

  • Price:

Main reason why people decide to go abroad for treatment is the low price of treatment. The credo is-‘First world treatment at third world prices’. India has a big cost advantage globally. For instance, medical costs in Thailand, the biggest competitor of India in medical tourism are 20% more expensive.

Open heart surgery which costs $150,000 in USA or £70,000 in England will cost only $3000 to $10,000 in India. Dental, cosmetic and eye surgery are most inexpensive. Dental procedures are the most cost saving-up to 90%. What you spend for minor tooth work in home country can suffice for plane tickets to India and a grand beach holiday afterwards.

Another plus is that Indian hospitals offer upfront quotes and prices for treatment while hospitals in developed countries provide only rough estimate.

One misconception is that medical tourists have to always pay out-of-pocket. The fact is that insurance companies are happy to pay the lower costs associated with medical tourism abroad.

  • Superior service:

Medicaltourists receive excellent care in Indian hospitals, like service of large number of registered nurses. They are escorted to avail of services like doctor appointments, accessing the pharmacy, use of diagnostic services etc. Doctors in Indian hospitals are also able to give extra attention to each individual patient. Tourists are treated with great courtesy. For staying overnight at hospitals along with by standers offers amazing advantages. Luxurious suites are available at fraction of the cost.

  • High quality of service:

There is no need to think that low cost involves low quality. In fact, medical tourists have access to the best offered by India. Majority of doctors are trained in US or Western hospitals who choose to serve in their home country. Here, they get far more respect and higher quality of life, such as less hectic work life and less frivolous litigation that plague doctors in advanced countries. Most doctors speak flawless English. Medical tourists have access to the best doctors and hospitals in India.

  • Easy availability:

Patients in advanced countries have to deal with long waiting lines for both minor and major procedures. Treatment waiting period is much less in India.

  • Tourism:

Medical tourism is as much about medicine as about tourism. India attracts tourists for various alternative systems of medicine like Ayurveda, Siddha, naturopathy etc. Also, patients who have had major surgery can recuperate in amazing locations like beach side resorts. Individual hospitals have special arrangements with travel agents to offer special medical tourism packages.

India health tourism is on the booming trajectory and is becoming one of the most loved destinations in the world for medical tourism.


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