Repair PST File & Hard Deleted Outlook Items with Outlook Recovery Tool

All the Microsoft Outlook users are aware about the data file being used i.e. PST (Personal Storage Table).It acts as a main storage for the Outlook data. So sometimes due to power failure, virus attack or Outlook Server not working issue the PST file gets damaged or corrupted. In this kind of situation, sometimes manual methods procedures and methods don’t work to repair PST file due to highly corruption. However when other methods fail, use of third-party applications plays the important role to repair highly corrupted PST file. One such application used is Outlook Recovery. It is one of the efficient solutions to recover the damaged PST file. There are many third-party applications available in the market currently that recovers the damaged Outlook PST file. Therefore, the following product review will give detailed information related to Outlook Recovery.

Outlook Recovery Overview

  • Supports hard deleted Outlook Mail recovery.
  • Repairs the PST file with both minor as well as major damage.
  • Recovers Password Protected Outlook data files that are corrupted.
  • Complete repair of Outlook PST files with contacts, calendars etc.
  • Provides support for Windows 10 and previous editions and Outlook 2016.
  • Provides multiple options for extraction like PST, MSG or EML etc.

Analysis of Outlook Recovery

But, what makes Outlook Recovery application the best out of all is listed below:

  • Email Previews With Attachments

The application will give the instant preview of all emails with their corresponding attachments using an in-built viewer. You can view other items also that are recovered from a PST file.



  • Exports Selective Files or Data

You can check or uncheck the Outlook files and folders to be exported. Outlook Recovery allows exporting and repairing to the selective PST together or in a batch.

Exports Selective Files or Data


  • Apply Mail Filters

You can apply the filter to the set of data range and filter all the email to recover them as PST, EML or MSG.


  • Option to Divide Large PST

You can split the large PST files into smaller parts using split PST option and recover the PST file. There is no size limitation as of such.

  • Save Export Report

After all the items and data are successfully exported Outlook Recovery application will generate an export report with the location of selected mailboxes and exported file. You can save the report using .csv extension for the future use.

Pros and Cons of Outlook Recovery


  • Easy to use and user friendly.
  • Filters email using date filter
  • .
  • Can load l
  • arge Outlook PST file with ease.


  • Interface cannot be customized.
  • It splits large PST files for given size limit only..

Available Versions

The setup version used during the testing of the application was version 4.5. If you want to get the access for Outlook Recovery application, you can either download a trial version copy or purchase the licensed version. There is a limitation of exporting 25 items in the trial version.

The purchase version has three licenses first one is personal, second one is business and third, one is Enterprise. Users can choose the license according to the needs and requirements.

Final Verdict on Outlook Recovery

Outlook PST file recovery tool is designed to deal with the corrupted Outlook PST files. In addition it was found that the software also successfully recovers all the contacts and calendars in PST files with ease. On an overall basis, the product offers features that make it a decent application. Thus, the software based on its testing can be rated 9.6 out of 10. The 0.4 rating is cut down, as the software is slow while handling large Outlook PST file. Other than that, the application is perfect for the use.

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