Richard Blech – 2 Key Steps Entrepreneurs Need to Take to Safeguard Their Computer Networks

The internet opens up a wide range of opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs. Such people in business believe the technology creates a level playing field for organizations of all sizes. It allows them to take on the might of large corporate establishments. In many cases, these proprietors give such companies a run for their money. More importantly, they can conduct their market operations from any particular location. However, there is one vital aspect which they cannot afford to ignore at any costs. This is cybersecurity. Such owners may opt for cloud computing or maintain a website. However, their business data is always vulnerable to attacks by nefarious elements.

Richard Blech – How can entrepreneurs protect their computer systems from cyber attacks?

Richard Blech is a prominent entrepreneur and innovator from California specializing in data security. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Secure Channels Inc, a high-tech company. The organization conducts its business operations in this field. This proprietor-cum- security expert is also a managing member in Imperium Management LLC. People can judge his popularity from the fact that his name appears 200 times in major business publications. These in Forbes, National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and Politico. In fact, many of his contemporaries consider him to be an authoritative figure in the area of cybersecurity.

According to this security expert, entrepreneurs need to understand cybercriminals are increasingly targeting their businesses. These hackers feel it is easier to penetrate such establishments in comparison to prominent companies. This is why such proprietors need to implement the following 2 important security solution measures to protect their networks:

  1. Encrypt their vital data

Entrepreneurs need to take necessary steps to encrypt all their sensitive business information. This goes a long way in ensuring unauthorized personnel or nefarious individuals don’t get access to it. In the worst-case scenario, the data does fall into the hands of such people. Even then these businessmen need not worry. The criminals won’t be able to read it because they don’t have the relevant key to decrypt it. Adopting such measures goes a long way in safeguarding the network of such owners. This ensures they have a secure communication line between their concerns’ servers and those of their clients.

  1. Authentication

After taking necessary measures to encrypt their business data, entrepreneurs need to proceed to the next step. It involves allowing only the people or employees they trust to gain access to such information. This is where authentication comes into the picture. It falls under two basic categories. These are client-side and server-side. In the case of the former, these businessmen have come up with suitable usernames and corresponding passwords.

On the other hand, server-side authentication involves the use of certificates to recognize reliable parties. The mechanism determines who wants the information and verifies his/her identity. Only then does such individual gain access to the system.

In the opinion of Richard Blech, entrepreneurs understand information is power in today’s digital age. They need to do everything they can to protect their computer networks from cyber attacks. Taking the above 2 important measures can help them in this regard. They won’t regret taking this course of action. Such people in business will also notice the positive effect of their decision on their bottom-line revenues.

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