SEO-Friendly Tips to Follow After Switching to Business Profile on Instagram

Instagram is currently the most popular social media channel and that too for many powerful reasons. Comprising of more than 800 million active users and advertising tools that are both free and paid to grow your online business and SEO, Instagram marketing is the best tool for marketers in today’s era. Needless to say, social media has taken over the traditional form of marketing and is now an integral part of most SEO campaigns. Some people often wonder; how Instagram marketing can add value to an ongoing search optimization campaign?

This guide will help you in finding the answer and clear out all the confusion related to the synergy of Instagram and SEO. But first, you will have to switch to the business profile to understand how it can boost your SEO efforts. Assuming that you now own a business Instagram profile, here are some tips to keep in mind that will bring success to your SEO program.

Track the Success of Your Link in the Profile Bio

Instagram is a bit different compared to other social media channels, particularly when it comes to incorporating links. It allows you to add only one link in the profile bio section. You can take help of online tools such as the Google URL Builder for adding a tracking code in the link. You can also provide a name to the link that seems relevant to your brand. These strategies will ensure offering an insight into the number of clicks that took place after positioning the link in the bio section.

Modify Your URL Frequently

As mentioned above, Instagram does not allow you to insert links in each of your posts; the only link you can depend on is the profile bio link. Owing to this fact, it is important o change it on a routine basis to ensure that link brings relevant traffic to your site and grow your SEO campaign. Also, you can change the URL and drive traffic to certain pages that have valuable content or the information that will help your followers. Similarly, you can use this as a promotional tool for your product pages. Think of this link as a call to action for your Instagram followers. This will help you in understanding when to change the URL and how to change it as well.

Make the Most of the Location

While publishing your content on Instagram, you will have the option to add a location. Once you share your content, the location will pop up above the visual you published. You can use the option of geotagging your images just like popular brands or you can make a smart move of manually entering a location for targeting a certain niche of followers. The best part is that Instagram does not ask you for a verification of the location you placed in the post.

More Social Engagement Drives More Traffic

Perhaps this is the answer you were looking for at the beginning of this write-up. Instagram offers you the opportunity to increase your social reach and boost user engagement, both of which are contributing factors to your ongoing SEO campaign. You can build your own community and by customizing your links, you can ensure more traffic that will generate more leads and conversions.


Ultimately, all of this will help in improving your visibility on the web, leading to better search engine rankings. Follow the aforementioned guidelines after you have switched to the business profile on Instagram and grow your authority on the social media for boosting your SEO.


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