Social Media And Mobile Marketing: Connect With Consumers On A Personal Level

There is one important thing that mobile advertising agencies know about when it comes to connecting with customers on social media: it’s not always about the hard sell.

Yes, we understand that for a business to grow and compete, it must continually sell products and services to make profits. Yet how can a consumer do this if they don’t know your business exists? How are consumers supposed to make informed purchasing decisions if they don’t know anything about what your company sells or what work you perform?

Consumers Connecting To Social Media Using Mobile Devices

As consumers are buying more smart phones and tablet devices, businesses have been trying to figure out how to advertise their wares to these mobile people. One topic that continually pops up is social media. Mobile users are constantly accessing the Internet to make a post on their social media page, tweet something funny to friends or watch an entertaining video.

The best way for a business to reach out to these people through social media is to not do the hard sell (just yet). Instead, create your brand so customers find out about your products and services. Social media is a great way to interact with people, giving valuable information as you learn about which customers have an interest in your business and what they are saying about your products. By reaching out to mobile device users, you are becoming personal with them while putting a face and a voice to your company.

Companies Gain Brand Recognition and Loyal Customers

A mobile user is driving to work when their car breaks down. They remember about the car mechanic from social media who hosted a fun contest. Using their smart phone, they are able to contact the mechanic, who is able to fix their vehicle. After receiving such great service, the mobile user tells all their friends and relatives about this mechanic.

Such word-of-mouth is a vital marketing tactic to businesses. It creates instant product and service recognition for companies as new customers become loyal, lifelong clients. Social media allows such a marketing strategy to grow and expand, as mobile devices permit people to access this information anywhere.

So your business, with the help of mobile advertising agencies, needs to utilize both social media and mobile marketing to create a business brand. Spread the word about your business while interacting with people who could become potential customers.

Alex Nieland provides editorial on the mobile marketing industry. Mr. Nieland has written several publications relating to the latest tips, trends, and statistics within the mobile advertising sector.

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