Top 8 Websites for Medical Students

Websites for Medical Students

Healthcare professionals have become increasingly popular these days. While things have changed in the technological field and other areas the healthcare industry is also improving constantly. Medical students require up-to-date resources regarding the medical field. Here are a few websites that can help them study better, get references, and make study schedules. However, no non-medical person should access or derive any diagnosis or treatment from these sites. Fast internet services like RCN Boston have helped medical professionals to access up-to-date information from around the world.


Medscape is one of the best sites when it comes to technical information regarding the healthcare world. It is easy to understand as the information is organized under different headings so medical students can easily use it as reference material. The language is simple and pictures are also given for references at different places.


Here is exciting news for all creative-minded medical students. Medical concepts can become boring to learn. However, if you have a photographic memory you can learn with pictures, sketches, and colors. I am specifically referring to those students who sit at the rear end of the class and sketch when the lecture gets boring. How cool it is to learn medicine with pictures and colors? This website will also help you to prepare for the USMLE and in all subjects.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is an extremely helpful site when it comes to searching for alternative treatment options. The best part about the site however is that it has updated information and it supports its claims with scientific facts. Another admirable advantage is that it provides information regarding lifestyle changes and natural ways to improve mind and body health instead of pulling out a list of medicines for its users.

National Institutes of Health

This is one of the best platforms where medical students can find research articles. Medicine is a dynamic field. Things keep changing with time. Experts are constantly finding new treatments for different diseases. This website is not only for medical students but for anyone who would like to know more about the medical world. However, it is absolutely not recommended for a layman to use the information to diagnose or treat themselves.

This website can be extremely helpful if your memory does not comply with you in the ward or the emergency room when prescribing a drug to your patients. Pharmacology can be exhausting as it is not only the name of the drugs but rather their generic name, the uses, the side effects, and drug interactions that you have to learn. makes this tiring task a little easy and you can easily learn pharmacology in no time.


If you are a medical student you probably know about this website. If you don’t, then here is a resource that could help you in your med school presentations, and give you a sense of relief during the viva. It contains information regarding many pathological conditions, along with their symptoms, and treatment options. If you study last minute and do a great job at cramming information then this website has a lot to offer.


If you are in the field of medicine and would like to grow your knowledge and expertise related to pediatric medicine this website contains all that you need to know. From infancy to adolescence to teenage it has got all the information regarding illness, mental health, healthy lifestyle, etc. The information is organized in a way that is easily accessible.


This is another website that has all the technical information a medical student may be looking for as a reference. It has an easily understandable language so that the information is not exhausting or redundant. Different articles on exciting subjects will also fascinate you if you are an avid reader in the healthcare industry. It also has specific articles about the current pandemic to keep you updated on the world with the comfort of your own house.

Key Takeaways

These are some great resources if you are in the health care industry or a prospective medical student. It can provide you an overview of medical studies and the healthcare industry. However, you should not be using any of these websites to diagnose or treat yourself or your loved ones if you are not a licensed medical practitioner. Always consult a doctor for that.

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