Top Ten most frequently used mobile apps

This list changes all the time, as trends tend to go up and down all the time. Not so long ago, the most played app was “Angry Birds” but now it has all changed. The Angry Birds game is not even in the top ten, although another game has crept in there. Do not take the ranking of each app too seriously. With the exception of the Facebook and Twitter apps, the others jump around the scoreboard so much that they look like a game of checkers during a Japanese earthquake.

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1 – Facebook

This app is the most popular for a very obvious reason. The social media site itself is very popular, ergo; the app to access it is also very popular. The app is frequently used because people are used to logging onto Facebook when they are bored, which probably means a lot of people are bored when they have their phone in their hands.

2 – Twitter

This is the world’s second most popular social networking site, and so as you can imagine the app is rather popular too (even though Twitter has less than a quarter of the amount of users than Facebook). Twitter translates into an app very well, as the Tweets are not very long and a person may read a tweet without having to scroll up or down. The Tweets are only the size of an SMS text message too, so people do not mind writing them on their phone.

3 – Instagram

Yet another social media app, however this app is popular because all Smartphones have cameras attached to them. People use this app when they take photos, so that they may then upload their photos to Facebook or Twitter. People also edit their photos with this app too.

4 – Skype

People like to use the call features and videophone features that come with Skype. It allows people to chat with other people over the Internet. This is substantially cheaper than using the phone itself, as it is a lot cheaper than if you try to call overseas. Lots of people enjoy the fact that they can see who they are calling.

5 – Google Suite

The Google suite app was the most popular app in 2012 for a short while. It offers people the tools that you get with Google on a desktop, except that you get them on your mobile phone. Almost all of the tools already translate very well onto a smaller screen, so the app’s development was inevitable.

6 – Dropbox

You can store pictures and files onto an online account with Dropbox. It allows you to upload 2GB of data free of charge. This is good because some phones do not come with all the memory that many people require. It also makes file sharing a little easier too. This is probably why the app has become so popular amongst mobile users.

7 – Tumblr

This is a micro-blogging and picture posting social media site, and the app for it has become more and more popular just recently. The fact that images are so easily uploaded is probably one of its biggest selling points. It plugs you in to almost all of the features that you get with a desktop computer.

8 – YouTube

Yet another social media website is on the list of top ten. The two reasons for this may firstly be because YouTube is a nice little bit of fun and a nice distraction, so lots of people may enjoy using the app for that reason. There is also the fact that the iPhone will not read Flash Videos, so people need the YouTube app to play YouTube videos on their iPhone.

9 – Netflix

This app allows people to compile videos and then watch them by streaming them from the NetFlix service. This is obviously a very popular service as a lot of people are regularly using this website.

10 – Temple Run

This game is the only one to enter the top ten list. It is a game where you have to run a person through a maze of temples, but you do not control the pace of the runner as the character runs of its own accord. You have to move left and right to pick up treasure and avoid obstacles. The sound is probably one of the most addictive elements, but the fact that the character is very responsive to your touch swiping is probably the biggest reason why this app is currently so popular.
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