Use a Magic Mop to Get a Spotlessly Clean Home

4 Sure Shot Ways to Get Rid of Dust

A bacterial protein found in common house dust may worsen allergic responses of people to indoor allergens, according to a research cited in The Indian Express in October 2012. We usually spend more than 50 percent of our time at home, which is why it becomes essential to keep our home clean and hygienic. Keeping your house spick and span is not an easy job, especially when you have young kids around who can dirty it within minutes. On the other hand, it is not that tough either, especially when you have a magic mop for your aid.

Keeping Your Home Spotlessly Clean

Many of us mark out a day in the week, month and sometimes even a year, when we get down to the gruelling task of making our homes spotlessly clean. “Let’s do it over the weekend” is a commonly heard phrase in our busy schedules. Many of the nooks and corners and left for cleaning just before Diwali or the Spring seasons, which is how the term ‘spring cleaning’ came into being.

Unfortunately, dust does not marl out a day to accumulate on your floor, furniture and gadgets! It is there every day, like the most loyal friend who never leaves your side! The best way to deal with this intruder is to get rid of it every day. So, get your arms and ammunition ready, with a duster, kitchen towel, Dreamline magic mop, broom and vacuum cleaner, as well as disinfectant spray, detergent and floor cleaning agent.

  1. Brooming – Brooming is one of the simplest ways to get rid of dust, especially from the floor. This is the only technique that will ensure that every corner has been touched. Since brooms are flexible, keep it almost horizontal with the floor and take long sweeps for the most effective cleaning. Ensure to keep the fan switched off, else the dust will just fly from one place to another. If you have minimal furniture at home, sweeping becomes a lot easier. Ensure to roll up all carpets, so that the portion of the floor that is covered by them is also swept clean.
  2. Dusting – Many people beat the dusty item with a cloth, and feel great that their efforts made the item dust free. However, this action simply dislodges the dust, which flies and settles on another item in your home. You could try a wiping motion, rather than a beating motion. Ensure that you use a clean cloth, and wash it when it becomes dirty.
  3. Vacuuming – The vacuum cleaner is highly effective, especially where a duster will not work. Folds of your sofa, carpets and delicate gadgets can be cleaned using this. Ensure to clean the bag of the vacuum cleaner every day.
  4. Mopping – This will help you keep your floor germ free. It should be the last step of cleaning your home. Smaller specs of dust that is left behind after sweeping and dusting can be removed with a mop. Traditionally, a rag has been used for mopping. Now, you can get a magic mop online, which has an attached bucket. You can mix an antibacterial disinfectant in water and mop the floor with it. The magic mop will enable you to clean the floors without getting your hands dirty. Get one with microfibers, since this absorbs a lot of water. Also a 360 spin mop head will allow you access to every corner. You can dewater the bucket easily.

If you have kids who crawl and put everything in their mouths, you definitely need to follow a more stringent cleaning routine. You can get a Dreamline magic mop and use it twice a day, so that your home is spotlessly clean.

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