Why do we abhor Maths?

When it comes to Math, most students are terrified with the prospect of studying it. Math anxiety is a common phenomenon that is considered when examining students’ problems in mathematics. Even students who have fondness for maths till middle school, suddenly develop an apprehension as when they move up the classes. In fact math anxiety is so common that there is a Math Anxiety Measurement Scale developed as early as 1972. The math anxiety can be related to test taking and performance anxiety. Some researchers have suggested a strong relation between math anxiety and math performance.

abhor Maths

There are various causes and factors that make us avoid math. When we start avoiding it, we start losing interest gradually and then due to lack of practice, it impacts our performance. This eventually leads to loss of confidence in maths and hardships begin to creep in while studying maths. There is an old adage “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Students should confront these things valiantly that cause us to avoid math.

1. Boring: Perfection is not something that is inherent. It comes from your own actions. Some students build up their mindset that they are good at some other academic subject. Maths, according to them, is not their cup of tea. In this way, they block themselves out and their brain refuses to even acknowledge any comprehension on the subject. Till their middle school, maths appears to be easy and basic.

2. Time-Consuming: Time is the same for everyone. Whether you are a genius or not, the unit of time stays the same for everyone. Students should never complain about the lack of time they have on their hands. Some students don’t want to spend too much time on maths, because they think that this will burn out their more hours that they can devote to other subjects. Students may take the help of study material for class 9 CBSE Maths for practicing different questions quickly and get confidence.

3 Past performance: Students should learn to live in the present. Most of the students always judge themselves based on their past results. Though they can take lessons from their past in order to accelerate their performance, some students always remain in fear as they avoided math in lower grades by not paying attention and missed out most of the basics of maths. It’s never too late to catch up.

4. Complexity: As you step into class 9, the complexity level for maths does increase – involving complex formulae, equations, or graphs. At the initial stage, everything appears extremely difficult. If you find difficulty with a formula or process that seems too complex, try and break it down. If you find think your concepts need more enhancement, do not shy away from referring to your older books to study the concepts.

5. Shifting Gap: The chasm appears to widen between middle school and high school. Suddenly, students have to face a completely different syllabus, different teachers. Grading system also starts after middle school. So, students tend to get unnerved a little trying to get their bearings right.

Mathematics has always been a subject that is quick to lead you to frustration, but if you keep practicing on, it will become a subject of fascination. It’s actually fun to solve the problems. It is one of the subjects that demonstrate that “every problem has a solution”. If you are feeling stressed out to spend more hours to solve one problem you can look for study material for class 9 CBSE maths online for their solutions.


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