How To Motivate Your Resellers


If you rely on channel marketing to distribute and sell your product or service, you know how important it is to keep your resellers motivated to sell as much as they can. It is important to get your sales partners excited about selling your product, and invested in their relationship with you. This will not only help your relationship with your resellers, but it will also boost your sales numbers. Here are some tips on how to keep your channel marketing partners motivated. Create and Maintain Relationships Establishing healthy relationships…

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HTC One: Blinkfeed

Htc one

‘BlinkFeed’ is the all new homescreen to feature on HTC’s 2013 flagship, the HTC One, as the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer declares that customisation and widgets are a thing of the past. After learning that most smartphone owners rarely use widgets or spend time personalising their homescreen, HTC decided to revamp is Sense user interface and introduce BlinkFeed, which is very different to anything ever seen on an Android device. According to HTC, the BlinkFeed homescreen was designed to consider “how people find, consume and share content on their phones”. But,…

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New Specialist Paris Stores This Spring

Paris Stores

Paris is in a continual state of renewal, with new shops, new bars and clubs, new restaurants opening every month. Here is a small selection of some of the latest specialist stores to appear in  the city of lights that you can enjoy this spring. Ernest Stilettos Heels There is something just a little decadent about stiletto heels and Paris that go together well. Earnest, the maker of the legendary 14 cm Elysée stilettos, has been struggling over recent years, though once it was a major brand of stilettos of…

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Pets And Fashion – How Fashion Has Evolved For Pets

Pets And Fashion

More than a decade ago, we may have thought that dressing up our pets would be strange and odd. However, in today’s day and age of fashion, dressing up your pet has evolved and become somewhat of a trend. People are doing all sorts of things to dress their pets, from hats, sweaters, hoodies, pajamas, coats, jackets, bandannas, head wear, paw mittens, jewelry and accessories, to designer dog dresses. In fact, it’s gotten so serious that we now have fashion shows and events with the red carpet and all! Many of the…

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