5 Handy iPhone tips & tricks to save your valuable time

The iPhone is said to be the most intuitive smartphone device. While it’s packed with tons of useful features there are loads of handy shortcuts waiting to be explored. The built-in features in the iPhone offer a seamless experience with time-saving benefit. There are many people who look for ways to speed up their phone by using their phone efficiently and saving time. In this article, we will tell you few ways to speed your phone to save your valuable time.

Apple will continue to evolve and introduce new features to make the iPhone look more proficient. From health app to emergency services to taking notes to give Siri more functionality, the iPhone has is becoming more and more productive.

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  1. Get the most out of Notes

Notes help you write about important things, jot down points throughout the day ensuring you’re keeping a record of anything that’s important. Many people are not aware of this that they can not only write by using a keyboard, in fact, they can write by using their own handwriting. They can choose from a different range of colors, pens, and eraser to draw notes or erase them. This is the feature that not many people know about but should use it to take advantage of it. Press the “+” button to get started with sketching.

  1. Use Search bar for math

The calculator app for iPhone comes in handy when you need to do quick math, especially when you’re at the restaurant. The calculation can be done without opening the app, all you need to do is simple swipe down from the Home screen to access the search bar and type in your numbers to get the answers. For complex calculation you can use the calculator app and for quick calculation head to the search bar.

  1. Siri all the way

Siri has been improvised, making it capable to be your personal assistant. From sending a text messages, to searching something, to quickly opening an app there’s a lot Siri can do. Another great feature about Siri is that it saves your time and set a reminder for anything. You can also use Siri to know about the nearby places and events happening and accordingly set a reminder in case you forget. Siri is a great app and it’s worth taking advantage of Siri if you’re an iPhone user.

  1. Sign a PDF document

Previously in order to sign a PDF document you had to print it, sign it and scan it again before emailing it back. Thankfully, the process has improved now with the iPhone built-in mail app. Now if you get an email with a PDF attachment, open the PDF in the mail and click “Markup & Reply” from the options that will pop up. Then you can sign in your name and save it for later. This process, of course, has gotten relatively easier than before ensuring that users can make a signature without having to print it out and rescan it.

  1. Search settings

The setting menu has got everything you’re looking for. Sometimes it can be difficult and time-consuming but with the search bar in the settings, you can search anything you want. Whether you’re looking to change your ringtone or activating Siri you simply write it in the Search bar and it will pop up.

In conclusion

You might know multiple common iPhone tips and tricks. These particular tips can efficiently save your time without even having to install other apps. Use these tips in your daily routine to speed up the phone.

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