5 Effective Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

Increase Customer Loyalty
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Do your marketing strategies include activities to keep your existing customers coming back for more?

What are you doing to make your customers feel special and have a great experience with your brand?

In today’s age where every day a new startup comes with innovative ideas to take the online world by a storm, existing companies need to pay more attention to customer satisfaction for their retention. Along with new customer acquisition, companies now need to understand the value of customer retention and brand loyalty.

 Increase Customer Loyalty

Brand loyalty is one of the most valuable and difficult assets for any business. Brands need to strive hard to attain and maintain this. Attaining the same used to be really hard for the companies, but now with the advanced communication channels and increased options to connect with the customers, it has got a bit easier. To make it easier for you, here are five effective ways that you can use to grow customer loyalty for your online store.

  1. Treat customers like friends

A real friend is one who is always there to help you. Become friends with your customers by finding different ways to help them. One of the effective options is to offer live chat service. It will help you keep track of customer activities on your website and reach out to them when they get stuck to offer them an immediate solution.

  1. Make your customers part of the content

Customers, who have either shared your content or said something good about your brand, should be featured in your content. Let your customers know how important they are for you by putting them in the spotlight. Once they notice it, they will give your brand more value and become a great marketing asset. Further, it will also encourage the customers to bring in their friends by sharing your posts.

  1. Make navigation smooth

With so many options available in the market, user experience expectations have gone high. As per the stats published by Sean Work at Kissmetrics, 47% of the online visitors expect a website to load in 2 seconds. If they don’t find the web page quick enough, they run into the arms of competitors.

So, your first priority should be to ensure quick load time and smooth navigation. Along with this, you should also make sure that the checkout process on your ecommerce store is smooth and quick enough to help the buyers complete their shopping. If customers get great shopping experience, they would love to come back for more and gradually develop loyalty for your brand.

  1. Ask customers for their suggestions

Sometimes customers can give amazing ideas to help you improve your products and services. You can also make your customers feel special by asking them for their suggestions and giving credit to them whenever possible. You can add chat to the website and can ask your support team to figure out what your customers want next. You can do this by creating a poll or a survey and send it to the target customers via a blog, social media channels or email.

  1. Be available when your customers need you

Your blog or social media channels can be your touch points for customer services, but these are not primary channels. You need an option that helps you provide complete support to the customers throughout the shopping process or until they are confident enough to take the further step. Adding live chat software on the website is a right option through which you can old customer’s hand while the problem is solved.

To earn loyal customers and to make them brand evangelists, you need to do something special for them. It can be anything from offering them some perks in terms of discounts or putting them in the limelight by featuring in the content. You just need to get a special place in their lives that they find hard to replace.

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