All About Why And How To Convert Lotus Notes NSF To PST

Lotus Notes NSF To PST
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IBM Lotus Notes and MS Outlook both are used popularly in corporate and business sectors for communicating with each other. But if comparison is done, MS Outlook stood first on the list of users as in spite of Lotus Notes. When enquired in depth, user’s complaint some unavoidable issues while using Lotus Notes as default email client. This is why queries like how to convert Lotus Notes NSF to PST are seen over search engines. In this upcoming segment we will discuss about some lacking aspects of Notes over MS Outlook and at bottom a solution of section a commercial solution is also suggested to allow users migrate Notes data in MS Outlook platform.

Lacking Aspects Of IBM Notes!

  • IBM Notes completely predates IT developments and social media advancements this is why it fails to collaborate with technology and is considered as obsolete between users. Moreover, Lotus Notes also fail deliver pleasing aspects of business industry and multi-channel accessibility needed by swiftly rising futuristic staff.

  • All latest apps and IT control required by entrepreneurs found missing in Notes when they use it to meet with business targets. Also, Notes also lacks in providing visibility to current application rendered to users, which is required by enterprises to rationalize their environment.

  • Lotus Notes also provide to provide openness and connectivity to modern business that result in loss of relevance in business premises and services.

  • The total cost of ownership for Lotus Notes fails to meet with business standards and value delivered. It lacks behind in providing user adoption and challenges to meet with other systems.

Above listed are few pitfalls of Lotus Notes which is giving rise to number of users who are migrating towards MS Outlook platform. But now question here arise is how to migrate data from Notes to MS Outlook platform?

Caveats In Migration Process Of NSF To PST!

  • Notes store all database contents in NSF file format that cannot be directly access in MS Outlook as it supports PST format.

  • Lotus Notes store all contacts in separate NSF file that needs extract efforts to migrate into Outlook PST file.

  • There is no built-in method provided by Outlook to export Notes NSF file data in Outlook PST format.

  • Only after converting Lotus Notes data in PST file format, users can import data in MS Outlook application.

After knowing to caveats of NSF to PST conversion and absence of manual procedures, only option left is to hire a third party application. Acquiring professional tool will help to convert all NSF file data in PST format and allow users to import all data in MS Outlook application. There are plenty of third party applications rendered in market to provide facility of exporting complete Notes data in PST format. But a worth and wise investment in specific tool would beneficial as little bit of carelessness can lead to loss of hard earned money.

SecuraSoft NSF to PST Converter is an advance solution available in market rendered to provide facility of migrating Notes NSF file data in Outlook PST format completely. The tool renders the facility of migrating Notes contacts in separate PST format along with option of choosing Outlook PST versions i.e. ANSI and Unicode PST. Moreover, users can also export selective items from Notes NSF file in PST format i.e. they can exclude unwanted folders from migration process including deleted items and sent items folder.

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