Google Pixel 2: Price, specifications

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As in the past year, Google introduced the flagship 5-inch Pixel smartphone. Google Pixel 2 will be introduced this year. The new googlephone finally boasts a beautiful 12-megapixel camera, and although there is no optical stabilization, the picture remains very stable thanks to the digital one.

Google Pixel 2 is the flagship, so it is supposed to work quickly and without any brakes to “drag” any programs. What it does with success. A special buzz delivers perfectly smooth operation of the system: for themselves they have optimized, so they tried their best.

The device has powerful hardware, which includes the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, Adreno 530 graphics accelerator and 6 GB of RAM. In the basic configuration, the phone has 32 GB of internal memory, which will be enough for most users. Let me remind you that the company gives an unlimited space of cloud storage for your photos and videos. The characteristics of Google Pixel 2 are impressive, are not they?

The front camera is capable of creating 8-megapixel images, which is more than enough. Nearby is the proximity sensor, a loud speaker and a notification indicator. The existing fingerprint scanner is located behind the phone. To unlock the screen, you just need to touch the sensor. The process of fingerprint recognition is very fast. At the bottom is the speaker, USB Type-C port and microphone. On the left is a slot for a SIM card such as nano.

Android, as usual, is responsive, smooth and pleasant in appearance. The Material Design shell has become noticeably more beautiful and more convenient to use. You will not have problems with long loading of the smartphone, multitasking or slowing down the interface. Four productive cores and 6 GB of RAM do their job. Google Assistant recognizes only English, but soon it should change.

The novelty Google Pixel 2 works on the basis of the latest version of Android – 8.0, because of what the smartphone seems even nicer. The next 2 years, “pixel” will be the first to receive updates to the mobile operating system. The price of Google Pixel 2 starts from 649 dollars, and for this money you get a model with 32 GB of internal memory.

With the data warehouse, Google did the same wickedly as Apple. I will explain: there is no card slot for microSD cards in the smartphone, but it is available only in versions with 32 GB (small!) Or 128 GB (you need to pay extra) of the built-in memory. What prevented the version from 64 GB? That’s right, greed.

The manufacturer explains this by giving all the lucky owners of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL free and unlimited cloud storage for media files. But this option is not suitable for everyone, constant and fast connection to the Internet is probably not always and far from everywhere.


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