3 Geolocation Apps You Absolutely Need

One of the best things we tend to overlook is the GPS function of a phone. Just think about this for a second: Before iPhones, there was a time where we had to print our directions, use landmarks to make sure we were in the right area and then if we got lost, we were basically screwed. I like to make sure I use the GPS system on my phone as much as I can. I am still confused as to why GPS stand-alone devices still even exist. Our iPhone can almost top it because of the apps that are on there. These apps are getting so advanced that some people are even getting scared as to how much stock we are putting into electronics! I personally love it. Here are some of the ways you can use the GPS on your phone to do more than just get around but to also protect yourself!


I don’t care who you are and how important you think you might be. You need to get on iCloud. It’s basically the smartest thing Apple has rolled out since the iPhone itself. Remember mobile me? I am so glad I waited to get an iPhone because once I got my iPhone 5 mobile me was long gone! iCloud is something that EVERYONE can benefit from. Not only can you back up your entire phone (yes even your pictures of your cat) but you even have the option to push data between your devices. So for example if you have your contacts on one device, you can push it over through to your iPad all effortlessly. If you are still a little uneasy about it all, go to an Apple Store to have them better explain all this. And yes, your data is all encrypted and safe.


So this might be random but trust me, it really does work to your advantage. Being single in a big city isn’t as cool as they make it seem on those comedies on TV. Just because there are more fish in the sea doesn’t make it any easier. Those are just more fish out there that don’t like me (sad face). So you still want to flirt though huh? Check out this app, not only is it one of those creepy apps where you can flirt with anyone on it, but its actually an app that lets you flirt with people that near your location! Which forces you to be a little bolder. What if they call you out on your flirtation??? Go for it.


Another seemingly random suggestion, but hear me out here. So whenever you are out and about you want to make sure you are safe, right? Well it might not be so easy. Thanks to this app, they partner with a Bellaire home security system that can take over your whole home, which makes it all viewable through phone. That means that if you have a feeling something bad is happening or if you are getting a little paranoid simply check the app and you will view a live feed of your dog chewing up some pillows. 

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