5 Professional Certifications for Career Advancement

If there is anything that is a prerequisite for career advancement, then it should be a professional certification. Professional certification is usually made for professionals who want to advance their knowledge or area of expertise, so as to advance their career in turn.

Certifications also give professionals the competitive edge they require to be ahead of their peers in any field of endeavor. It also provides professional with career opportunities and juicy salaries.

Companies and corporations all around the world are always looking for professionals with the latest certifications in fields that will put them ahead of their competition and also help them in achieving their missions and visions.

There are so many professional certifications to choose from, ranging from Certification in Management Accounting and Project Management Professional (pmp certification training Dubai). It all depends on which area of specialization you want to go for.

Below are 4 professional certifications you need to take for career advancement:

Project Management Professional Certification (PMP)

Virtually anyone can read about Project management by picking up a book or reading online and go ahead carrying out a project. However, when it comes to career advancement – working for big corporations and companies – one need to have a professional certification.

This is why taking a course on PMP is a wise suggestion, this will add value to your resume. Professionals with such certifications seem to have a more sophisticated approach towards carrying out projects.

With the PMP certificate, you can work virtually in any industry. Some of the prerequisite for taking such professional course is a Degree or Diploma.

Risk Management Professional Certification (RMP)

Risk Management professional Certification has to do with assessing and identifying the risk of any project, avoiding threats and then capitalizing on opportunities before it is carried out.

Having a Risk Management Certification will let you stand apart from other professionals. The tools and techniques learned can be easily applied.

Being able to identify and manage risk can go a long way in reducing cost and also help in enhancing performance. This is why professionals with such certifications are sought after.

Human Resource Certifications (HRC)

Human Resource Certifications has to do with having the certification to be able to manage everything related to employees in a given workplace. This include hiring, firing, training, motivation, salary-structure etc.

Every company or corporation have their employees as one of their most important assets, because employees carry out almost all the task needed to be done in other for the company or corporation to achieve its missions and visions.

This is why professionals with such certifications are sought after and also stand a chance for career advancement.

Network Certifications (CCNA or CCNP)

Cisco offers a vast range of certifications like network engineer or admin. A graduate of network engineering or admin would typically have a CCNA (Cisco Certified DevNet Associate) or CCNP (Cisco Certified DevNet Professional).

Professional with such certificate are sought after because they are rare unlike other professional certificates and also, they stand a chance to earn fat salaries.

These are 4 professional certifications you need to enroll in if you are serious about your career advancement. They might be a bit pricey, however when successfully concluded, one stands a chance to be recruited in a high position.

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