The Benefits of Combining Reverse Diet with Macro Coaching

Staying on track with a diet or weight loss routine is one of the biggest hindrances on the way to fitness. People who power through hunger and exhaustion might reach their fitness goals, but they’re not exactly in a healthy state of mind. That’s why many bodybuilders and professionals have started to use a combination of reverse diet and macro coaching.

A reverse diet is a process of slowly increasing your caloric intake to boost and stabilize the metabolism. Macro coaching is the process of eating a specific ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to get the best results. This combination offers a number of great benefits and these include:

  1. You Can Maintain Weight Loss

Being on a calorie-restrictive diet is hard work, but most people power through it to reach their weight loss goals. Unfortunately, many find themselves regaining the weight they lost quickly because they’re tempted to binge and reward themselves. When you’re on a restrictive diet, your body’s metabolism slows down so it can’t handle sudden changes in intake level. This is why people quickly regain the weight they lost and even go over their previous weight. The combination of macro coaching and reverse dieting can help you avoid this.

  1. You Don’t Need to Starve

Another advantage of these two approaches is that you don’t need to go hungry and feel the pangs constantly. If you have the right ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats, your body will burn calories and lose weight without you feeling the pinch. You will still consume fewer calories than you need and the body will keep burning excess fat to compensate. If you’re not starving, it is easier to stay on track and focus on your everyday responsibilities. 

  1. You Have More Energy

Food provides energy and when you go on a restrictive diet, your body is deprived of energy. A reverse diet provides a steady flow of calories and awakens your metabolism, which means your body is burning fat to provide energy. You won’t feel weak and lethargic, which will improve your lifestyle considerably. 

  1. You’re Able to Build Muscle Mass

A good balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates along with a controlled calorie consumption provides everything your body needs to build muscle mass. If you consume sufficient amount of protein and work out regularly, you’ll see a significant improvement in musculature and body shape.

  1. You’re Able to Maintain a Diet for a Long Term

If you’re not starving, have energy, are able to focus, and have a toned body, it is easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a long time. There’s no temptation to quit dieting or overeat because you’re not always hungry. Maintaining a diet for an extended period of time allows you to remain healthy and fit for years to come.

These benefits make the combination of reverse diet and macro coaching worthwhile. If you have a good plan and approach it carefully, you’ll enjoy a great deal of success and will remain on the road to fitness for a long time.

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