5 Useful Twitter Hashtags

I am a big Twitter fanatic. I can tell myself I am going to quickly jump on and just see if anyone has posted to my account. But before I know it, literally hours have gone by and I am in shock at the time I have wasted. Though it is a rather entertaining and even productive kind of time wasting that I just can’t seem to curb.

My only consolation is that I am not alone in this habit. Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites on the web, and it is an addiction that is admitted freely by many. For those of you who join me in tweeting obsession, I am about to make the problem so much worse for you. You can thank me later.

These five hashtags are useful for many facets of life. They are also very interesting and full of information. Get ready to waste an afternoon, and check them out.

Note: If you are not sure of how to effectively subscribe to hashtags, refer to this article on using Tweetdeck to monitor news.

1. #HowTo

Twitter Hashtags

Want to learn how to do something? You aren’t alone; how-to sites are some of the most popular around. But even if you don’t have anything specific that you want to do, you will when you look around at the posts under this hashtag. Everything from how to properly wash a car to how to rewire your own home is represented under this general header. I have learned things I never even knew I wanted to know thanks to time spent looking at the results this search gave me. Do you know how to groom a poodle properly? I do, and I don’t even have one.

2. #DIY

Twitter Hashtags

I am a big DIY fan, though perhaps not the most talented in the area. At the very least, I give my projects a fair shot and am successful at least 15% of the time. You might be more adept at that sort of thing than I am. But whether you are an upcycling guru or just interested in becoming more self sufficient, you will get a ton of tips with this hashtag.

3. #Homemaking

Twitter Hashtags

Your mind might go to June Cleaver when you hear the term, but you don’t have to wear pearls when you vacuum to be interested in homemaking. All it really means is that you take pride in where you live, and you want your house to be a positive environment for yourself and others. Which is a hell of an undertaking for the majority of us, men and women alike…there is just so much to do in a day. Get practical tips on how to maintain your home with minimum time and effort, cut back on how much work you have to put into it and more.

4. #Fitness

Twitter Hashtags

Obesity is a major problem that is reaching a global crisis. But it isn’t the only concern – even if you are slim, you could be less than at the optimum peak of fitness. Get tips on how to incorporate exercise into even the busiest schedule, find out routines that will target that trouble area and get the body you want no matter what your fitness level. People from all over the world are facing the same struggles and have the same goals. You can find them here, and support (or commiserate with) one another.

5. #Organize

Twitter Hashtags

I am a bit obsessive about organization. Not because I am particularly organized myself, but because I need to be and am not, making it a constant thought in my head that I have to get started. I am happy to report that since finding this hashtag, I am much better off than I was. Mainly because there are tips for even the laziest people (like me).

Do you know of any good, useful hashtags you would like to share? Let us know in the comments.


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