6 Changes Business Software May Witness In 2013

Business software is facing a new development in the technological front and is rapidly evolving out to be something else completely different from what we have seen just five years back. The change is a revolution in itself and is characterized by a rapid shift of the customer base from online business methods to online now. Nowadays, social media, mobile marketing as well as cloud based applications are continuously evolving and adopting business processes and the new year of 2013 is bringing out something new for it. Here we have the six ways that are going to change the future of business software in the year 2013:


SMAC is going to play a great role in the development of business software in the coming years. It is speculated that it is going to change the shape of business functioning and will be integrating the CRM system of the next generation with it to manage the customers in an even better way. It will be of great help in the logistics as well as the supply chain industry and create a market opportunity that will surpass the normal growth of a business quite easily.

Recognizing Customer:

A great initiative taken up by business software, it is very well understood in the year 2013 that customer is the king and there is absolutely no way whereby one can underestimate the huge potential o target customers. More and more industry are acting as customer specific industry and working on software that can help the business to interact with them in a much better way.

Benefiting from Data:

2013 is going to experience the Big data experience whereby the actual importance of the data is understood in advertising and marketing field whereby they are used to tap and understand the business flow and using CPM and CPR to get the maximum benefit.


It is very well understood that in the emergence time we are living in is blurring the line between customer and business. There is absolutely no difference between the business to business and business to customer practice and most o the businesses are tapping their foot to get this benefit in their organization.


Nowadays internet can reach places where even human beings cannot. The IRP software is taking use of this and coming up with various features that work tremendously to the benefit of internet connectivity as well as towards connectivity of fields.

Use of more applications:

More and more business software systems are planning to come up with applications that are user-friendly and have a simple user interface.

2013 can well be regarded as the turnaround era for the business software development. The CRM systems that are made to interact with the next generation technology system often are integrated with the SMAC to give a combined effect. The business software process is not something new, but the way it can change the future if itself is something commendable. Most of the software are inclined towards profit maximization and a thorough reduction in costs and with the increase in the technological system, the future of business software is certainly bright.

Rachel is a passionate blogger about new technologies and works as a consultant for a cashflow software company.

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