Choosing the Right Chatbot Partner

One of the most crucial decisions that you as a brand have to make while exploring AI is choosing the right Chatbot partner. You will basically be entrusting all your important data and conversations with your Chatbot partner.

2018 is said to be the year of the Chatbot. The Chatbot is still an infant when it comes to application in the real world, but it certainly has a high expectation. Chatbots are used by more than 1 billion people to convey messages and data. You will definitely need a partner that will last long term, maintaining a relationship with the Chatbot companies is a sensitive issue. Both parties will have access to all data and details.

Some ways how you could choose the right Chatbot partner –

The Chatbot company that you want to associate with are integrated with your other platforms.

A Chatbot alone cannot be considered to be a marketing strategy. It is just a tool that you could use in your large scale Conversational Marketing scheme. An excellent way to create a unified and a consistent funnel is by incorporating your bot with all the other sales platforms and marketing bases.

For instance, in case you are an e-commerce site. You will want your Chatbot to help out customers on all your platforms like the products page, the payment page, the FAQ page, the order tracking and resale page, etc. In this way, all the customer has to do is tell the bot whatever is needed, and the bot will do everything to help out the customer. All the customer has to do is follow what the bot says and the job will be done.

Understanding how your data is being processed is vital.

A customer enters sensitive information while conversing with a bot. This info can easily be taken by your Chatbot partner. A professional and ethically sound Chatbot partner will not do so. You will know when and where your data is being sent and processed. Unlike email and direct mail, you can now see where exactly your data is going. You can go ahead to believe that the platform should be able to render the data stored in an easy, segmented, and understandable format.

Finally, the entire Chabot system should be fully integrated, it is not just about AI bots.

There are many companies out there that have built bots that basically do almost nothing. Since the demand for bots is massive now, these companies tend to fool clients. If you partner with such a company, then your potential customers who use the bot could just have a bad impression on your company. Recent studies say that about 70 percent of customers who have had a bad experience with a Chatbot are bound not to use one again. This could create a horrendous aftermath to your sales.

The best way to find out what your customers want is by taking a survey or a feedback after every Chatbot conversation. Have users test your Chatbot multiple times before you put it up and make public. Make use of the best Chatbot developers India to help you out.

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