Experiencing memorable Ajmer tour while checking out its tranquil lakes

Ajmer is one fine destination to create some wonderful memories. It is a delight to the history buffs and religious tourists. Nonetheless, it is also complete with other tourist attractions as well. Head to the city for fun vacation and for accommodations choose from best Ajmer hotels.


Ajmer is a city in the western region of India, which is primarily related to spiritualism for the fact that is it home to one of the most sacred religious sites of the Muslims. The city is host to the Dargah or tomb of the great sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. Other than that, Ajmer also owns a significant commercial and administrative significance. It comes fifth in the list of largest cities in the state of Rajasthan and is a major commerce city in the state. The driving distance that the city shares with Jaipur (state’s capital) is about 132 km. Ajmer receives large numbers of tourist, primarily pilgrims for being a sacred site and also for the fact that it is close to Pushkar (another very popular tourist destination). However, before one slips to Pushkar, Ajmer is also an ideal city where one can create some memories.

Ajmer is home to beautiful lakes, and the most prominent amongst these lakes are  ctually the artificial lakes. Two of these types of lakes that are also very popular amongst the tourists are the Ana Sagar Lake and the Lake Foy Sagar. Both are pretty old lakes, but the Ana Sagar Lake is much older. It was built between 1135­1150 AD on the orders of the grandfather of Prithivi Raj Chauhan, king Anaji Chauhan. The lake derives its name from king Anaji Chauhan and is created by one of the most oldest dams across India. It is a huge lake (spread about 13 km) and is also a beautiful lake that is filled by settled, crystalline water. In addition, there also exist pavilions where people can enjoy short­soothing walk alongside the banks of the lake. Plus, there also exists a beautiful­fragrant garden within the premises, which is adorned with colorful flowers of different types. The aforementioned pavilions, locally called Baradari, were built by Shah Jahan much later, in year 1637, whereas the garden which is called Daulat Bagh, meaning wealth garden, was built by Jehangir. The Ana Sagar lake is the biggest lake in Ajmer and is a major allure of the city. In the middle of the lake there exists a small island; it is a major point of interest of the place as it provides magnificent panoramic views of the hillocks and the lake. There are colorful boats providing access to the lake. For those who love Indian history, on the hillocks of the place lies an old Circuit house which was built during the British era, and used to be the residency of British officers and administrators. The good thing is that the lake is also in vicinity to the centre of Ajmer, hence making it easily accessible. Besides, there also exist several good Ajmer hotels in the vicinity of the lake.

The Foy Sagar Lake was built much later, during the British Raj and is named after Mr. Foy, a British engineer, who is also the creator of the lake. It is about 5 km from the city. The lake is popular but not to the extent of popularity of the Ana Sagar Lake. However, it does worth visiting because it is another beautiful artificial lake in Ajmer.

Simply put, Ajmer is replete of places like the Ana Sagar Lake, Lake Foy Sagar, Circuit House, and several attractions from the past. The good thing is that it shares excellent connectivity to rest of nation via rail and road routes. Thus making it easily accessible. Plus there also exist a couple of good hotels in Ajmer near railway station and main bus stand.

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