Explore the Incredible City of Nawalgarh

Nawalgarh is a historic town in the district of Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. The city has many astounding architectural brilliance that speak of the glorious past of this place. A perfect getaway from the humdrums of city life, Nawalgarh with its picturesque beauty will mesmerize you the moment you set your foot in this city.

Like many other cities of Rajasthan, Nawalgarh has many incredible havelis where you will be able to experience the true Nawabi lifestyle of bygone era in this age. If you have decided to visit this place, worry not. There are aplenty of heritage hotels Rajasthan you can find in this city. Just choose one of them online and make your dream come true. Here is a sneak peak of this city that you are going to experience yourself in a short while. Keep reading!

  • Visit Poddar haveli: Though this Haveli has been turned into a museum, the architectural brilliance of this haveli is awe-inspiring. The mural art works that decorates the ceiling and the walls of this haveli are incredible. Recently with renovation work, the art works have been restored to their former glory. Don’t forget to visit the museum, this place has an awesome collection of Rajasthani artwork. The Poddar haveli is not much old, it was built in the previous century. But the artists who have decorated the walls of this haveli have left their ark of brilliance with the paintings on the wall. This place is a must visit for you.
  • Experience Bala Quila: The Bala Quila, alternately known as The Nawalgarh Fort, is another example of the architectural brilliance of the Rajasthani painters and artists. Though much of the fort has been taken for the modern-day purposes, the core of this fort houses a room studded by the mirrors in the ceiling and has intricate wall art inside the room showing the Rajasthani armies in the 1850s’. This comes second in your Nawalgarh itinerary.
  • Go to the Lakshmi Narayan Mandir: This legendary temple was built by Thakur Udai Singh in the year 1869. The structure of the temple and the old building will mesmerize you as you will get to experience the authentic Rajasthani culture at this temple. The temple houses the goddess Lakshmi and her divine consort, Narayana. Try not to miss the festivals that are celebrated at the temple premises.
  • Make a local sightseeing: Nawalgarh has two sister towns, Jhunjhunu and Sikar. Both are not far from this place. If possible, keep some time in hand and go for the local temples and mosques that you will find in Jhunjhunu and Sikar. On your way, you will be able to experience the authentic charm of rural Rajasthan. This is a must do for your trip!

So, what are you waiting for? By now you have gained a wholesome idea about the places of Nawalgarh. And as the city is well connected via train route, you will not have any problem in reaching there. Check the hotels in Nawalgarh and have a great trip ahead!

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