How to Take Photos of Your New Born Baby

Welcoming a new baby into the family is a wonderful experience. But the days will pass by and the baby will grow up soon. Hence we need to capture all the fleeting moments of the life of the baby lest we forget all the sweet details of its first year.

Taking good photos of your baby is a good way to preserve its memories. The best option for a Mumbaiite would be to hire professionals for newborn baby photography, Mumbai.

The second option is to take photos of your new born. Here are a few tips on how to take good photos of your baby:

  • Take time: Even though you feel that time will fly, reality is that there is plenty of time and many opportunities for clicking great photos of your baby.
  • Take care of lighting: Lighting can make or break your photos. Using natural light is good. A good rule for soft, nice highlights and shadows is to keep your baby in such an angle such that light flows from the head of the baby towards its bottom at a 45-degree angle. You can play with different perspectives and angles for that good shot.
  • Keep baby happy: Keep the shooting area warm. Keep baby happy or snoozing with some white noise like soft music. Thirdly, baby must be well fed and happy. Time between breakfast and lunch is ideal for most babies. You can identify your baby’s happy time when it is ideal to click photos.
  • Keep baby safe: You may be using props for shooting great photos but your number one priority must be the safety of the baby.
  • Focus on tiny details: Details like tiny fingers and toes, rosebud lips, upturned nose all can be captured using a macro lens. Remove lens from auto focus and use manual focus.
  • Perspectives and angles: Instead of changing position of the baby, move around him or her to experiment with perspectives and angles. Exhaust all options before changing the set up or position.
  • Get outside: Provided the weather permits, take baby outside and click some lovely photos of the baby in the lap of nature.
  • Rope in siblings: Including older children in photos of babies can get wonderful photos with lots of dramatic moments.
  • Print the pictures: Many parents make the mistake of leaving all photos inside their computers. Do take print outs of photos to enjoy now and for posterity.
  • Balance between portrait and documentary: Documentary style captures special occasions like first walk or first solid meal etc. Portraits capture expressions. It is good to click a mix of both.
  • Keep camera handy: There are many special moments of the baby which happen at unexpectedly. So, it is good to keep the camera handy, at an easy to reach place for all those moments.
  • Keep shooting: Babies change very fast, so you will do well by regular and continuous clicks.
  • Do some retouching: Use photoshop or other tools to touch up photos of your baby, to cover up details like birth marks, blotchy skin, dried milk, running nose, snot etc.

If you find taking photos of your baby an arduous task, you can do well by hiring baby photographers in Mumbai.  Even if you are adept at taking photos, getting professional help for special occasions is something else.

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