Expert Tips to Tell if a Gemstone is Real or Fake

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It is a common phrase stating that everything that glitters cannot be gold, but this phrase is a fact in terms of gemstone that you have been searching for a long time. The colour quality, luster, shine, and durability can attract you into purchasing a fake gemstone that may look gorgeous.

Gemstones are preferred in India largely because of the astrological advantages associated with them. It is a fact that the gemstones can increase the strength of all the planets, but only if the appropriate stone is selected. The increase in demand for precious gemstones in the market has also contributed to the sale of duplicate gemstones which can be availed in the similar shape, colour, and size of a naturally occurring gemstone. We are discussing some important tips below by which you can find out if the gemstone you buy is synthetic or natural:

  1. DIY Test

Any naturally occurring gemstone is the one which is not man-made or developed in chemical laboratories. Each gemstone has an artificial counterpart which is bought by a lot of customers in the market. The artificial gemstones have the same luster and they shine even better when compared to the real ones. It becomes difficult for the customers to recognize the fake gemstone and they end up incurring a loss.

  1. Original colour of the gemstone 

When you have ascertained the originality of the gemstone, what you need to do next is checking the original colour of the gemstone. In the present day, every gemstone is treated for enhancing its shade. The gemstone that you decide to purchase must be of a vibrant hue and must be eye-catching. For determining whether it is real or not you can use the magnifying glass to check if the stone has an abnormal opacity with concentrations of colour. This is one ideal option to make ring designs for girls.

  1. Seller’s credibility 

Discovering the most appropriate gemstone can be a little tough. Initially, you have to look for a reliable seller who can inform you of all the important details regarding the gemstone you are buying as well as can help you in finding the perfect type, cut, and quality of the gemstone. Before the sale of any gemstone or diamond, it has to be authorized by the regulatory bodies of the government. So, before you buy a gemstone you must assure that it has undergone all the required laboratory tests for quality assurance.

  1. Transparency  

Another important thing to check is the transparency of the gemstone since it determines the value and quality of the gemstone. A gemstone with a higher level of transparency will have a higher value. However, you must be aware of the fact that transparency shouldn’t be artificial that is created with methods like a metal filling, heating, or glass filling. Any improvement in the gemstones can lessen down its effectivity.

These are the important tips that you must consider for knowing whether a gemstone is fake or real. Nowadays, a lot of girls prefer wearing gemstone jewellery instead of gold and silver. You must be very conscious while you are out for buying gemstones since there are a lot of fraudulent activities occurring in this field. Hence, it is recommended to follow these expert tips.

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