Exploring best of Coimbatore in its nature-made tourist spots

Coimbatore is the powerhouse of commerce. It is a significant city not just in its parent state Tamil Nadu but also in entire south India. It is an ancient city that has been ruled by various rulers and dynasties. Meanwhile, the city is also a perfect destination to spend fun holidays. Visit the city in next holiday and explore-relish its attractions. For accommodations, choose from the best hotels in Coimbatore.

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Coimbatore is a lovely city in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is the second largest city in the state and is rapidly growing into an urban city. However, before becoming the centre of commerce, the city was once a verdant place where thick layers of forests and mosses covered the lands and regions. The city for experiencing a favourable weather throughout the year has been the site of human settlement since long.

The most prominent records of the city’s political history date back to the Sangam era when the city was within the larger kingdom of Kongu and was primarily home to the tribes. Several battles were fought to gain the control of the land because of which there are multiple changes in administration. The prominent dynasties that ruled the regions of the ancient Coimbatore include Chalukyas, Cholas, Rashtra Kutas, Madurai Sultanates, and finally the British. The city remained under the reign of the British governors till the Independence of India in 1947. It were the British who gave the city its current name, that is Coimbatore. Before the city came to get recognized by its current name it was called Kovai and Kongunad.


Today, Coimbatore is primarily recognized for its commercial significance. There are already number of industries sustaining and growing, but the most significant industries in the city are engineering and textile. The city for owning huge textile industry is given with the epithet of the “Manchester of South India” and the “textile capital of South India”. Other than that, education and health care are the other two industries that are also growing with steady rate.

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Tourism is also one major industry in the city. Coimbatore, on its part is replete of tourist attractions. There are ancient temples, historical palaces and monuments, nature reserves, artificial lakes that were created by the dams, waterfalls, and several lookout points. Apart from these, the city is also brimming with all pleasures of modernization, namely modern shopping malls, entertainment centres, places to hangout, restaurants, and lavish hotels in Coimbatore.

Of the various tourist spots in the city, the Monkey Falls makes one of the most preferred site. As interesting as the name of the falls is, the equally interesting-lovely is the falls in real life. The place is one of the major highlights and is included in the itinerary of almost all travel guides. The place is ideal for sightseeing and photography. Besides, people also head to the place to experience the fun of trekking. One will often see large number of monkeys in the reason. They are quite notorious so stay careful. The falls is located about 65 km from the city of Coimbatore. One can board on the taxis or cabs to reach the tourist site.

The other major places to visit in Coimbatore include: Nilgiris Hills, Dhyanalinga Temple, Black Thunder Theme Park, Kovai Kondattam, Perur Pateeswarar Temple, and Palani etc. Besides, there also exist couple of other tourist spots located about a day’s excursion distance from the city.
Coimbatore being a significant commerce city in the state, is easily accessible. There is a modern airport located close to the heart of the city. It is served by frequent flights and is well-connected to all major metropolis in India. Besides, the rails are most chosen modes to reach the city. They are affordable and connect the city to rest of India. Meanwhile, there exist number of good hotels near Coimbatore railway station, which are the ideal options for lodging for the fact that they have the benefits of conveniences, and offer content stay.

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